#AgentsofSHIELD Season 5 Episode 6 "Fun and Games" Recap & Review

The episode starts with Flint trading things for food. He gets an orange slice from Grill, but then the Kree find him and drag him away.


Coulson explains the current situation to Mack and Yo-Yo, including M.I.A. May, when Tess runs up to them. The Krees have come to harvest the children.

Enoch is giving Fitz the lowdown of everyone in the room and telling how awesome his new identity is when he sees Jemma. According to protocol, Enoch would need to broker an introduction.


Kasius and Sinara talk. Neither of them recognizes Fitz, but Sinara wants to keep an eye on him.

Fitz finds Jemma, unaware that she can’t hear him, AND PROPOSES. No summary I have could do this justice, so I found it. 



Of course, before he can make her aware of his presence, Kasius interrupts them. He explains about the device, and Fitz tricks him into turning it off. He tells Simmons to see about the harvest.

Tess explains that Kasius rounds up all the 18-year olds once a year and puts them through terrigenesis. He’s already done it this year and is now rounding up younger kids for his “big party.” Tess also explains that Flint was a friend of Virgil’s. He was even teaching him how to fly.  

She talks to him, hugs him, and then he goes up to an air vent with three other kids. Yo-Yo can’t watch, so she leaves. Flint is the only one that transforms, but he seemingly explodes into nothing. In reality, Yo-Yo speeded him away.

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Fitz is at a banquet, and one of the guys knows a lot about Kasius. For instance, he was exiled from his home planet by his father while his brother was raised to a position of power.

Daisy and Ben, the telepath, talk. He’s still not optimistic.

Fitz brings attention to himself at the table by knowing about the renewal. Kasius likes him though.

Yo-Yo talks to Flint and then the rest of the team finds them. Tess says that she can hide Flint on the troller, but she needs to do it alone.


Ben has to fight May, who is in shackles and possibly still injured. Before the fight she sees Fitz. She finds out that Ben has helped Daisy and tried to reason with him. It doesn’t go well.

He and Kasius talk about their respective daddy issues while the fight is going on. Before Ben can kill May, Fitz protests that the fight is boring and has May sent to the surface.

A Kree confronts Tess about hiding Flint. She denies it.

Yo-Yo tells the story of how her powers manifested. The moment is ruined by Grill overhearing her.


Kasius stops the bidding on Ben because he now knows Ben lied to him. Sinara kills him.


Grill tells them about May and questions which they are. Coulson tells him, but Grill doesn’t believe him. He’s going to turn them all into Kasius.

Jemma and Daisy talk, mostly about Fitz, but also about getting out. They’ll make their move once Kasius turns Daisy’s inhibitor off. Jemma sees Fitz, but they get interrupted.


Enoch tells Fitz that Kasius’s brother has come to bid on Daisy.

Grill realizes that his sidekick was set up. He decides to turn them in dead and starts to zap Yo-Yo to death. Flint’s powers manifest. He can control rocks, and he crushes Grill.


Fitz confronts Kasius about his brother but doesn’t get anywhere. Enoch then hands him something.

The rest of the team is hiding from the Kree.

Kasius’s brother comes in and is super condescending. He doesn’t want Daisy to fight another inhuman. He wants her to fight Sinara. He agrees to this, much to Sinatra's dismay.


Coulson tells Flint to stay put while he and Mack find Tess. They see her, but she’s dead. She’s been strung up with a sign that says, “Bring the inhuman.” We’re losing all kinds of people this week.


Kasius puts up a barrier before he starts the fight. Daisy gets the upper hand, Fitzsimmons attacks. Fitz shoots the barrier with the gun Enoch gave him, and Simmons uses a dinner knife to slash Kasius’s throat. Unfortunately, according to promo land, he survives.


Kasius’s brother turns the barrier back on, but not before Fitzsimmons escapes. Simmons proposes this time.


Fitz accepts, but he does mention that the proposed first, she just couldn’t hear him. The three of them are safe for now.


Enoch is disguised as a Kree and going somewhere.


Clark Gregg directed this episode and may I just say, Wow!!  WE GOT TWO FITZSIMMONS PROPOSALS PEOPLE! What more could you really ask for? Even so, the rest of the episode was pretty good too. 9/10.