#Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 5 Episode 8 Recap & Review

The episode starts with a flashback to 2018. Simmons and May, along with some red shirts are on the Zephyr with Robin. They’re going through a gravity storm, and Robin says that they’ll survive the crash. 


And then we realize it’s a memory, not a flashback. Robin is talking to May, but she can’t distinguish time. A man a little bit younger than Robin introduces himself as Samuel Voss and explains this to May. He also says that the rest of the team survived this crash too. She told him that a decade ago.


When Coulson comes in, he and May share a hug. Then Daisy arrives, and she hugs May too. She’s injured.

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Then Deke and Fitzsimmons come through. He’s still shocked that anyone can survive on the surface. He knows Voss and Voss know his father. Deke’s last name is Shaw, which is sadly not anyone else’s last name. Deke tells him that Virgil’s dead and Voss tells him that his dad is on the way back.


Kasius is having a bit of a breakdown. He wants Sinara to find Daisy while he deals with the humans. He feels that they’ve been far too lenient. I don’t think he knows the meaning of the word.


The lights get cut at the Lighthouse. While Mack, Flint, and Yo-Yo are heading to level 3, they get stopped by ‘friends’ of Flint’s. The water has been cut off too, and they want him to turn himself in. Mack is enough to scare them off.


Coulson talks to May about Robin. Fitzsimmons still don’t understand her. Coulson tries to talk to her. May explains why he’s not getting anywhere and then Robin addresses him. She says that he can bring all the pieces together and that this is the day it all ends. The diner is also the last time they were all together. That’s not menacing at all.


They tell Daisy this and to get Fitzsimmons to look at her dampener.

She goes to talk to Deke first. He knew Robin when he was little. She was sent to the surface the same time his dad was. This gets them talking about dad’s, and it’s really sweet to hear Daisy talk about hers again, even if he was a bit on the odd side.


Mack and Flint are in front of the level three-door. Yo-Yo returns and tells that the coast is currently clear. Flint is freaking out that all his friends want him dead and Yo-Yo tells Flint that her friends looked at her differently afterward too. Then they see a Kree playing around with something.


Fitzsimmons find something that they don’t remember. Voss tells him that it’s the portal they came through. Deke’s father, whose name is Owen, built it. He didn’t design it though. He found the schematics. Then they are left all alone, something that they take advantage of. Finally!

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Coulson and May try to get Enoch to communicate with Robin, but he says that hers is a gift that can’t be forced. Then Coulson and May talk. He reassures her that she is worth more than just being able to fight. She is the one that he trusts. Then Robin hands them a drawing of the Zephyr with rocks all around it.


Flashback to 2022. May and Fitzsimmons are arguing about time travel. Robin has prophesied that Fitzsimmons will build a time machine, of course, the very same one that’s in the Zephyr now. Fitz argues that they can’t change time and they won’t have time to build it. Simmons says that they’ll just have to leave it to someone who can. She gives May the same drawing, saying that it’s to remind her.


She tells Fitz that he gave them everything he could. Also, Fitz is wearing a wedding ring!! I don’t think Iain is married, so it does have to be Fitz. That’s an important detail!


Mack, Flint, and Yo-Yo find the weapons. Flint doesn’t understand the shotgun axe and Mack tries to explain its awesomeness. The roaches are gone, but that’s not a good thing. They are now on a populated level, killing people, some of Flint’s ‘friends’ included.


Voss has collected weapons. May grabs a machete and notices something. It’s a piece of the monolith that transported them to the future. If they can find the rest, they can get home. It’s the only piece Voss has ever seen, and he thinks their priorities are out of whack. They go to show Fitzsimmons anyway.


Jemma is examining Daisy. There’s no way to get her inhibitor out under current circumstances. When Coulson shows them the monolith fragment, Fitz realizes that it fits in the machine. They still need all of it. Coulson suggests that Daisy talks to her.


Mack and Yo-Yo shoot some roaches about to attack one of Flint’s ‘friends.’ He now understands the shotgun axe. The woman they’ve just saved tells them that the roaches are everywhere. Mack has a plan.


In the flashback. Robin is with May and keeps saying, Flint. Yo-Yo is mad. She wants to fight, but May tells her that that won’t help. She asks her to have faith, but Yo-Yo lost it a long time ago. Mack’s apparently dead, so I’m sure that had something to do with it.


Deke talks to Voss. That monolith piece belonged to his mom. His dad would never have left it, and so something must have happened to him. Voss hits him.


Mack and Flint turn the air on. Mack pumps the gas through it to corral the roaches in one room. Then Yo-Yo yo-yos disintegration bombs onto them and activates them. Flint is beyond impressed. Mack calls him Pebbles.

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Robin tells Daisy that time is running out. She’s scared of Voss, but Daisy talks to him anyway.


Fitzsimmons continue to study the portal and then realize that they’ve been locked in.

People attack May and Coulson about the same time.

Voss shows Daisy a video of the last time she was seen alive. He believes she destroyed the Earth.


Flashback Fitz is done. Robin keeps describing Jemma’s death, and he can’t take it. Fitz thinks all they are doing is pointless. He points out that they could have done this a million times with the same result. He tells May that even Daisy couldn’t fix it. She knew the consequences and still Quaked the world.


Voss and several other people try to kill Daisy. Voss kills Robin so that she can’t help them anymore.


Coulson and May take care of their people. Coulson goes to help Daisy and May stays with Robin. Robin calls May mom. Flashback May raised Robin after her mom died and always promised that she would be there when Robin died. 


Momma May got redemption for the little girl and it wasn't in the framework.


Robin whispers how to get back to May before she dies. The day it all ends meant when she dies.

Flint tells everyone that the roaches are dead. Mack says that they can’t keep fighting each other if they want to survive. Yo-Yo starts removing metrics.


Daisy finds Deke alive. He tells her that Voss killed his dad. She tells him that Robin is dead.


As they all grieve for Robin, May steps out. She knows how to get back, but she has one question. Who is Flint?


Sinara is on the surface. Kasius tells her to show no mercy.

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Momma May is honestly enough for me love this episode, but it felt like we got so much more. I don’t understand half of what’s going on, but I’m starting to, and I want more. 8/10.