#AgentsofSHIELD Season 5 Episode 9 "Best Laid Plans" Recap and Review

Full Disclosure: I watched this episode in the car with earphones in and my dad’s music in the background. Let me know if I missed something.

The episode starts with two Kree ominously walking down hallways. The humans kill them, led by Gunner, the dad who has now apparently forgiven Mack. Enemy of my enemy and all that. Also, he probably knows who they are by now and realizes that before was a misunderstanding. Hope so anyway. Flint’s enjoying their small victories and getting a little cocky. Yo-Yo tells Mack to give him some slack. She likes Rebel Peacemaker Mack too.


Another Kree tells Kasius that the humans are still alive, and they still have weapons. This makes him just the slightest bit mad, especially since he’s packing to leave. He also has a god complex, something he is about to make very clear to the humans. Then he tells the messenger “tell the doctor to awaken our newest acquisition.” There are a lot of “the doctor’s” apparently.


Enoch and Coulson are talking about Flint. Robin told May that Flint could use his geokinesis to rebuild the Monolith and thus send the team back in time. Enoch suggests that they evacuate to the caves, but they are actually in the process of turning the Zephyr back on.

This is nothing short of a herculean task. The avionics are on for a moment but then they short out. Who knows how long it’s been since it was operational. May gets annoyed with Enoch and calls him “metal man.” Apparently, he’s made of plastic and more of an it.

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May is looking at Robin’s drawing. She talks to Coulson about being a mom. She can’t see it. Coulson and Daisy can. She’s been the team mom for five years, so the jokes Daisy makes are completely warranted.


Deke goes to see Voss and pulls a gun on him. Voss pleads for his life. Him and Deke’s father, Owen, disagreed on solutions. Owen thought that S.H.IE.L.D. would come up with them. Voss believes that killing S.H.I.E.L.D is the answer. They fought, and Voss won. He tries to talk Deke to his side. If Kasius kills Daisy like he wants to, she can’t quake the Earth. Deke decides not to kill him.

Yo-Yo is teaching Flint to shoot, and Mack is not happy. He doesn’t want Flint to fight anymore because he’s starting to like it too much. Yo-Yo doesn’t have a problem with it as long as he’s killing bad guys.

Tess is alive and in the hallway. She was dead. She went to Tahiti. She doesn’t feel the same and now views Kasius as a god.


He was there when she “woke up.” Mack says, “There’s only one God and is sure isn’t him.” I love Mack so much. Tess insists that they have to give Kasius what he wants. He told her that he would wipe out the human race with the touch of a button.  What he wants is Flint. Flint and Yo-Yo want to kill him. Mack’s against it.


Coulson and Daisy talk. She doesn’t want her powers back. If she doesn’t have her powers, she can’t Quake the Earth.

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Fitzsimmons realize that all of the upgrades on the Zephyr are based on Fitz’s designs. They find gravitonium and realize that Fitz must have designed the lighthouse too. They then talk about time loops. Fitz thinks that they are in one. Simmons doesn’t.

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May tries to take off, but the engines blow. Enoch still wants them to evacuate.

Mack is looking for a way to cut power to whatever Kasius’s button is while arguing about what to do about Kasius himself. He finds a bomb connected to the oxygen line. The assumption is that each line has one. An explosion could not only kill but incinerate everyone.

Deke is evacuating people and he and Daisy talk.


Coulson handcuffs Voss and evacuates him. I will say this about Voss, he’s extremely persistent. He explains that there was a light in the sky, seemingly alien, and S.H.I.E.L.D tried and failed to stop it. He reaches out to Deke again, and the man looks conflicted.

Mack tells the rest of the humans about the bombs. He also has a plan. Him and Yo-Yo are going to turn themselves in in order to get close enough to kill him. They tell the others to keep their heads down.

Tess doesn’t think this will work, but Flint says that he’ll protect her. He wanted to come with Mack and Yo-Yo but Mack won’s let him.

On the Zephyr, the gravity is fluctuating. Fitzsimmons science a way to get the Zephyr to fly without engines. They ride the gravity storm until they get into space, where they won’t need engines. Sinara gets on the Zephyr as the last people are getting off.


Tess returns to Kasius alone, but not empty handed. She has a terrigen crystal and a vial of blood. Mack and Yo-Yo are holding his lab hostage. He gets mad and leaves.

Coulson has a cut on his and they are having a generally bumpy ride. The anchors aren’t even up, a problem that Daisy goes to fix. Deke follows her.

Daisy finds Sinara as she fixes the anchor problem. Deke watches as they fight. The gravity fluctuates again. Sinara momentarily has the upper hand until Deke decides to help Daisy.

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Kasius’s god complex is on full display. He threatens to blow up the bombs. Yo-Yo laughs at him and Mack threatens to blow his own bomb, all of Kasius’s tech for breeding Inhumans. Yo-Yo tries to grab Kasius’s device but is repelled by a barrier.


The Zephyr is finally above the gravity storm.

A final gravity fluctuation enables Daisy to stab Sinara with a pipe. They have a thing for that on this show, don’t they?


Kasius detonates his bombs, but they don’t exactly have the desired effect. The people have unhooked and moved them all to one location and moved themselves to a safe place. Kasius realizes this and then Mack detonates his own bomb. The look on Kasius’s face is priceless.


The team try to contact Mack and Yo-Yo. They do. They ask about Flint.

Deke is cracking the one part of the Monolith that they do have?

Kasius has his own seer?

Comeuppance time is fun, but it’s not over yet. 8/10.