#AgentsofShield Season 5 Episode 4 "A Life Earned" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Kasius drawing Daisy’s blood and talking to her, some about how he has transformed the station, but mostly about “fairytales.” He’s heard the stories of S.H.I.E.L.D and thinks they are here to help him. He’s going to sell Daisy and leave this place. If she doesn’t comply, he’ll kill Simmons.


Coulson and May talk. The troller’s been grounded, so she’s stuck in salvage. Mack and Yo-Yo plus and the others haven’t been able to find Daisy, and they’re worried. Grill shocks Mack because they aren’t supposed to be talking, and Mack’s the most fun to shock. This guy has some sort of fixation on Mack, and it’s creepy. He wants Mack to be his new enforcer. Some guy named Gunner owes him money but is getting a package from Level 35. He also tells them that they are all working triple shifts because of Kasius’s intergalactic auction.

Daisy’s taken to a training area where she sees two guys fight. One of them can read minds; something Daisy finds out when he tells her the meat on the table is grown in a lab. He has an implant too. The other guy is the trainer, who makes everyone but Daisy leave so Kasius and Basha can watch her.


Mack talks about how not ok he is being the enforcer, but Coulson thinks he should do it and take Yo-Yo. He and May are going to find level 35.

Kasius wants a demonstration of Quake’s powers. After the trainer threatens Simmons, Daisy quakes him. He’s mad and activates her own implant.

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Kasius gloats to Basha. She tries to preemptively buy Daisy, but he dismisses her. He’s practically giddy.


Deke wants to get paid, and Kasius gives him a single rhodium token. Then he talks to Deke about the prophecy. Sinara (and obviously him) are worried about it, and he wants to know if anyone else has come. Deke makes snarky comments and says he’ll check it out.

Daisy tries to talk to the mind reading about what’s going on, and he tells her a version of what Abby told Simmons last episode.

Coulson and May find Deke. He lies about Daisy and says he’s never heard of Level 35. Then they tell him about the surface. He thinks they’re crazy until they play the transmission. Then he’s in. He just needs to get a couple of things first.

Mack and Yo-Yo talk. He’s worried that they’ll lose themselves and she says that they don’t have to hurt the guy to scare him. Sinara and another Kree are in around the same place and pick up a gun.

Sinara shoves Simmons to the ground while she’s getting Kasius a drink and throws down the gun as well. Kasius brings in Daisy and the mind reader and starts to ask Daisy questions about how many of them there are and how the came to be there. Daisy manipulates the truth, but the mind reader covers for her. There’s one point, where Kasius asks Simmons to repeat Daisy’s story even though she can’t hear her, that I thought they were toast, but Simmons manages, and they take Daisy and the mind reader away.


Deke, Coulson, and May are in an elevator. Deke gets them into level 35 by going under it.

The mind reader can let other people read his mind too, but the Kree don’t know that. That’s how Simmons knew what to say. He read Kasius’s mind as well. He’s planning to destroy the ship and everyone on it once he leaves. Daisy suggests that they change the game.


Yo-Yo and Mack intimidate Gunner by threatening to steal the package he has come from Level 35.

Deke, Coulson, and May find a lab. When the Kree scientist leaves, they find a baby. Babies are rare, and that’s the package Gunner is getting.

As Gunner gets more and more appalled, Yo-Yo and Mack figure out what the package is. Mack tries to apologize, but Gunner says he doesn’t deserve a child. Mack loses it and beats him.

Deke explains that people don’t get pregnant anymore. He thinks there is some kind of birth control in the food. The Kree design the babies using Inhuman DNA. The newest baby came from Daisy’s. 


This is how Coulson and May find out that Daisy’s been captured. May punches Deke in the face. Yay. Then the Kree come back and they all fight. Deke gets stabbed and May tells Coulson to take him away and interrogate him. She can handle this.


Then Sinara comes in, and they fight. I know she’s injured, but I expected May to do better than she did. As is, she’s defeated and left to an unknown fate.


After Coulson patches Deke up, he punches him. Yay. Deke tries to explain and Coulson accuses him of trying to sell out the people on the surface. Then we get the sob story. Deke was nine when all the Elders were killed, including his mom. His dad took up her torch after that and was sent to the surface. Deke thought he was dead until he heard his voice on the transmission. Coulson doesn’t believe and asks for the payment he got for Daisy. He takes it and then locks Deke in.


He gives the money to Gunner.

Mack and Yo-Yo talk. Mack misses Framework Hope and is afraid that Gunner is right. This is completely ridiculous and Yo-Yo tells him as much. Grill then shows up and tells Mack that Gunner paid up and that Mack fits in just fine.

Sinara tells Kasius that she’s dealt with May and cleans blood off her weapons. That’s not a good sign.


Kasius opens his gala by giving a speech and introducing Quake. A guy in a mask comes from the back and says that Quake should fight to the death. Then he takes off his mask. IT’S FITZ!!!!!! MY BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL BABY FITZY IS BACK!!!!!!


FITZ!!!!!!! That’s honestly enough for me to love this episode and the next one is going to be even better. 8/10.