#AgentsofShield Season 6 Episode 10 "Leap" Recap and Review

Evil Coulson’s body is on a stretcher because he’s, remarkably, not dead.

May confesses to shooting him because it had to be done and she’s put in containment. May and Daisy talk. Daisy is extremely confused, and May is weirdly cryptic.

Mack is going to look at the security footage. Him and Yo-Yo don’t get it either. Neither does Piper.


Evil Coulson not only has a pulse, he’s getting stronger. He’s lost almost all of his blood and he’s going to wake up. Right now he’s in a memory?


Daisy, Yo-Yo, and Piper talk. May doesn’t like guns, so why would she shoot Evil Coulson? If she really wanted to kill him, she would have beaten him to death. Slowly. Shooting an unarmed man that they have in custody really isn’t her style. Piper is going to check May’s quarters for anything out of order. Yo-Yo is going to talk to May.


Now May claims to have no idea what’s going on. She doesn’t remember shooting Evil Coulson and she doesn’t remember how she got in the holding cell.

Fitz and Deke talk. Evil Coulson’s body is being moved to the morgue. Fitz is trying to piece it all together. How are Coulson, the monoliths, Izel, and Evil Coulson connected? Piper then comes in and asks them about May. She takes one of the Shrike crystals on the way out.

May remembers wanting to go to sleep, but she doesn’t remember ever getting to her quarters. She does remember seeing Davis in the hallway.

Daisy sees blood. It’s from where Piper shot a redshirt earlier.

Simmons called for Mack. Evil Coulson’s wounds have healed completely, and his vitals are getting stronger. Mack wants to post a guard outside, but Simmons doesn’t think that’s a good idea.


Daisy and Yo-Yo find Davis. The first thing he remembers after blacking out is May being sweet. Something is definitely wrong.


Deke finds Piper. She put the Shrike crystal in water. When he notices, Izel transfers herself to Deke? It looks like an astral projection or something. Deke then tells Piper to go get some rest.


Daisy and Yo-Yo tell Mack about Izel.

Izel Deke needs clearance to get through a door, clearance that only the director has.

Mack locks down the Lighthouse and lets May out. They need a strategy for finding Izel. She doesn’t have access to memories, so everyone has to share a secret that one other person can confirm. Yo-Yo goes first. She talks about home and May confirms it. Daisy sends money to Lincoln’s sister. Mack locks up Daisy and Yo-Yo, so that Izel can’t use them. Davis stole a space pen.


Piper comes in and accuses Deke of being Izel. He counter-accuses her. Mack notices that Fitz has been very quiet. Izel comes out of Fitz and threatens them. Give her what she wants, or someone will get hurt. She goes into Piper and then Deke. Mack starts choking Deke, trying to convince her to come out. She goes into Mack and continues choking Deke. She goes out of Mack and he lets go of Deke. She then goes into Piper and makes Piper shoot her hand. Mack commands Davis to shoot, but he can’t. Izel makes her way up to Davis, almost shoots Fitz and comes out of Davis just as he jumps off a ledge. Poor Davis. He lasted longer than expected. She goes into Mack, puts a gun to his head, and walks out.


Evil Coulson is in a memory, but it’s fuzzy. He wakes up and doesn’t where he is. He figures out where he is and what’s happening with Izel. He wants out, but he’s not going anywhere.


Daisy quakes the window after Izel Mack leaves. May gets on the radio and tells everyone to be on the lookout for Mack. She then motions for Fitz. All the monoliths were destroyed, but the energy still exists. The uncontained energy is contained in the gravitonium device that they used to seal the rift. What if what they experienced last year wasn’t a fear dimension? What if the third monolith had the power to create things? What if the three energies combined to create another Coulson in another time and another place?


Evil Coulson gets out of one restraint.

Izel has Mack cuff himself to the wall and knock himself out. She then finds the gravitonium sphere that contains the energy of the three monoliths. Evil Coulson walks in and shoots her. Multiple times. It doesn’t do much good. She wants him to join her. He shoots her again. She says that they are intertwined. The memories he has are not his memories. They’re Coulson’s memories. He never had a family. Where they are both from is a formless place. Once he took form, he took on his hosts memories and she followed him. She wants to give form to the rest of their kind: the Shrike. His real name is Packachutiq, which from what I can find is either an Incan emperor or the end of everything. He doesn’t believe her. He still wants to stop her. She says that the only thing that can stop her is inside him, but he’s too afraid to use it.


While this is happening, Daisy and Yo-Yo save Mack. Izel gets inside Yo-Yo. She’s happy with her new host and now she’s leaving. She’s commandeering the Quinjet. Mack insists on coming with her.


Davis is put in a body bag and taken away.

Simmons wakes up after being presumably knocked out.

Evil Coulson is taken away.

Fitz has a theory as they watch the security footage of Izel and Evil Coulson. Ghost Rider could have also come from a realm of noncorporeal beings. He’s the only thing close to this that they have encountered before. Hell would definitely line up with a place of darkness and pain.

So I’m torn between the fact that there is a serious William/Thomas Riker situation going on here and the fact that Evil Coulson may actually be a South American demon. Wow. I’m fascinated to see how this pans out, but I may need salt, holy water, and a much greater understanding of South American mythology. 8/10.