#AgentsofShield Season 6 Episode 11 "From the Ashes" Recap and Review

Yo-Yo is in pain on the plane. She’s herself and she starts cleaning up Mack. They talk and eventually Yo-Yo brings up Benson. This is a mistake because Mack isn’t actually Mack. Izel now knows about Benson.

Daisy and Piper are trying to find the plane.


Team Fitzsimmons, which includes Deke, are trying to figure out how to stop Izel from possessing people. They don’t have anything yet.

They sent in May to go the first round with Evil Coulson. She’s trying to see if there’s any Coulson in there. He sees right through her and he’s ticked. He gets so mad that he makes a dent in the table.

After she leaves, May and Daisy argue. Daisy wants to wake up the other thing inside him, the thing that can defeat Izel. She’s less optimistic about Coulson still being in there. May explains that if she does something reckless, it’s on her to fix it.


Benson gets on the plane with a redshirt. The stories talk of trapped souls yearning to be free. He’s narrowed it down to three locations. His bet is on that’s at the convergence of two ley lines. He makes a reference to Keller; which Yo-Yo uses to tell him that the status is not quo. He clams up after that, so Izel puts on a show by stabbing the redshirt in the neck and then coming out of Mack. He refuses to give her anything because he doesn’t fear death. He fears something, and Izel intends to find out what.

Daisy goes in for her first round. He doesn’t like what he’s feeling, what has awoken in him. It’s an unbridled rage churning inside of him. They trade taunts until she runs out to find team Fitzsimmons. They can reverse engineer the magic sword, but that’s all they’ve got. Daisy snaps and Simmons talks to her. She has a pattern. She runs when things get hard. Now that she’s literally staring down the death of Coulson, it’s ok if she’s feeling some things. Simmons recently learned that bottling things up creates the villain from the Ring, so she offers to talk to Daisy if she needs it. Daisy claims to be fine.

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Yo-Yo and Mack talk in the containment module until Izel and Benson walk in. The third monolith creates what is inside your mind. Humans have no control, and so only create their fears. She wants to see what Benson creates. Benson creates the obvious.

Daisy finally opens her letter from Coulson and then goes another round with Evil Coulson. He agrees with her that he’s nothing. Coulson isn’t him and the underlying rage isn’t either. Daisy thinks he’s something and she intends to find out what. She then snaps his neck with a quake. Team Fitzsimmons is freaking out watching.

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By the obvious, I mean that if you kill someone you love against the expressed wishes of their family, I imagine your greatest fear would be that they were aware of everything. They heard you and they were there when you decided to give up on them. Once Benson has fully realized his own self torture, Izel stabs the apparition and it disappears. She threatens to make him relive this over and over again until he tells her what she wants to know. Benson is weak and he gives in.

May and Piper see the security footage. May is still being the optimistic one.


Evil Coulson sees his own formation and wakes up? He needs to get out, but Daisy wants answers. He knocks her out and destroys the door.


When Daisy wakes up, she grabs the magic sword from team Fitzsimmons. Either she’s going to get answers from Evil Coulson, or she’s going to see how well the sword works.

Yo-Yo and Mack have a plan. She grabs the gravitonium sphere as Izel puts Benson in the containment module. Izel then inhabits Yo-Yo. Mack drops the module, with Benson still inside it. Benson can now tell the team exactly where to find them.

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Daisy faces Evil Coulson. His face is pulsing all Ghost Rider like, but then he calls her Skye, and she can’t kill him. Coulson is in there somewhere. She drops the sword and hugs him.


Yo-Yo and Mack are tied up in an ancient South American temple a la Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Izel opens up the gravitonium device.


Deke has an idea. Izel’s powers work on resonant frequencies. She aligns her frequencies to that of her host so that she can exist at the same time in the same place. That’s what’s different about the knives. They resonate at a specific frequency. They can design something wearable, like a belt buckle, that can act as a sonic barrier.


Piper found Benson.

May talks to Daisy. She’s above “I told you so” because she’s a good mom, but she was right. Daisy isn’t sure of much of anything.


Izel has to rebuild the monoliths using the energy of the third monolith. She can’t do it though. She needs Mack and Yo-Yo to create them. Instead, they create Flint?

The chronicons are arguing. The Hunter wins and shoots Atara.


So Coulson is in there. Now he just has to defeat South American Ursula bat demon. Let’s hope Benson didn’t lead the team directly to hell. 8/10.