#AgentsofShield Season 6 Episode 2 "Window of Opportunity" Recap and Review

Evil Coulson and his team are raiding a gas station for supplies. He says that you can tell a lot about a world by their currency. He doesn’t appear to be a fan of paper money, but at least it’s light. He then taunts the cashier by saying “people fantasize about doing something heroic in times like these.” The guy isn’t a hero, so evil Coulson shoots his shotgun at something, makes fun of combustion, and leaves with his team in the shades he picked out. They then cloak the truck and drive away. This Coulson is very much into “aesthetic.” Oh, and they’re in Ohio.


Mack is talking about the dead redshirt. He then splits up the rest of the team to look at different angles of this new problem. He doesn’t tell them about evil Coulson just yet. He wants more info before that goes wide.

The bad guys are quarrelling. The smaller guy, Pax, is mostly the one complaining. The bigger guy Jaco’s native atmosphere includes motor oil in gaseous form, proof that they aren’t all from the same planet. Pax also talks about the guy they lost and the things he was in charge of. Apparently they are out of PEG’s that the dead guy carried around in his pocket. And now I understand the butterflies. They all believe in reincarnation. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t mass murderers be reincarnated as cockroaches or rocks or something? Isn’t that how it’s generally supposed to work?


Mack gets a lead on the gas station. Him, May, and Yo-Yo then talk to Dr. Benson, who thinks that evil Coulson might be an LMD. He wants to talk to the idiot who designed them. That’s a problem because of them is dead and the other is in deep space.

Fitz is engineering the heck out of some alien tech, when he gets confronted by one of the other workers on the ship. He gets outed by the same dang snails he turned his nose to with Kasius and accidentally says that he comes from an irradiated wasteland. He was using an iroscope to hide his identity. Thank goodness he wasn’t on drugs. Anyway, the boss’s name is Viro and he’s played by Damon Werth from NCIS. He wants to throw Fitz and Enoch off the ship. Fitz explains his usefulness to the ship and offers to work for free, so Viro decides to let him live.

Evil Coulson and Pax are caught by a security guard in a shipping yard. They shoot him and disappear.


Mack knows that the bad guys are looking for something. He also knows about Yo-Yo and the redshirt. He then gets notified about a sighting in the shipping yard.


Mack, May, and Yo-Yo talk to Benson. They affirm that Coulson is in fact dead and they did not bring him back to life. Evil Coulson has DNA, which LMD’s don’t have, so there goes that theory. His DNA is identical to Coulson’s, once some extraterrestrial anomalies are stripped away.

Evil Coulson talks to Jaco about replacements. They also need to rob a jewelry store.

Enoch and Fitz talk while they work. Enoch is the one who taught him the alien language. Viro then tells them that he’s now planning to kill the other engineers because Fitz was right. This isn’t at all what Fitz wants, but he can’t convince Viro.


Dr. Benson asks Mack what Coulson was to May. Mack kind of tells him.

Evil Coulson gives the same speech to the jewelry store teller that he gave to the guy at the gas station. Unlike him, she does something. They don’t kill her because they need her to get into the vault.

May and Yo-Yo find the security guard and talk. This is more the May I’m used to, because she tells Yo-Yo to be careful. A lot can change in a day. Mack found the jewelry store, which causes them to shut up.

Evil Coulson brings in Jaco through a portal in the vault wall.

Fitz wants to help the engineers, though Enoch advises against it.


May and Yo-Yo get to the jewelry store. May wants to see into the vault, because no version of Coulson would go in without an exit strategy. She then sees five heat signatures even though only four went in.

Evil Coulson mocks the manager when she talks about how valuable diamonds are. He’s looking for crystals that can generate an electric charge via applied mechanical pressure. The teller directs him to a drawer full of quartz and topaz.

May sees the portal in the wall and drives back to the shipping yard, where she finds the truck.

Fitz tries to save the engineers by reasoning with Viro. When that doesn’t work, he gets in the airlock with the other engineers and the other airlock opens, sending Viro and his minions out. Enoch holds on long enough to close it.


May knocks on the door of the truck, and then proceeds to kick some serious butt. She manages to get the teller out and tries to leave Butterfly girl in the vault. Evil Coulson sees the teller running and goes back to the truck. May stops punching long enough for the bad guys to leave her in the vault, just in time for Yo-Yo to finally make it through. Evil Coulson says that “Coulson” rings a bell.


Dr. Benson tells Mack that the dead guy’s watch is a biological hard drive. On it, they watch an entire world disintegrate. That’s what they’re up against.


Fitz needs to get to Kitzin to save the crew. He has time to go back into cryosleep. As he leaves, HE JUST MISSES SIMMONS, who shows up almost exactly as he leaves.


They just missed each other and that hurts me. Nonetheless, it was a good episode, and I can’t wait for next week! 8/10.