#AgentsofShield Season 6 Episode 3 "Fear and Loathing On the Planet of Kitson" Recap and Review

There’s a man with a gun looking through space news and he finds Fitz and Enoch listed. He makes a fire portal and flies away.


Simmons, Daisy, and company are at Naro-Atzia. They all begin arguing. Simmons says that she’ll stay on the planet even if they all leave. They then get interrupted by a customs officer who played the weird bookstore owner in Fringe. He wants to board their ship and they have no reason not to let him.

Fitz and Enoch are on the planet Kitson. Enoch gives out far too much information to the two guys who swindle them out of their snails and their ship. Their pictures are everywhere, and it’s the price for not turning them in. Fitz almost grabs some alien goodies, but Enoch advises that they “are not for Terran consumption, especially on an empty stomach.” They do give them one casino chip as compensation.

The greeter at the casino advises them that there are no robots, no weapons, and no moral high ground inside of the casino. Fitz is worried about Enoch for a bit, but Enoch assures him that he can beat any scanner. Enoch is actually having fun and he has come to the realization that Fitz is his best friend. This is endearing and rather Data-like, but Fitz is not having fun. Enoch explains to him that he’s good at games of chance and that may help them get out.


The customs guy needs their weapons until the end of the inspection. Simmons asks about Fitz, which turns out to be a mistake. The portal guy from the beginning of the episode appears to be some kind of bounty hunter. He knocks out Daisy and Piper before Davis knocks him out.

Once Enoch starts winning, Fitz gets excited. Fitz explains to him that this is what best friends do. Enoch takes the idea too far but understands the basic concept. He then starts playing space poker. Enoch is good at cards, but he’s crap at reading people, which is required in poker. Fitz tries to help, but one of the more experienced gamblers bluffs Enoch out of all of his winnings.


Once they have the bounty hunter tied up, they grill the customs officer for information. Fitz was supposed to arrive on the next transport. He’s able to find where Fitz is now. Kitson has a less than stellar reputation, to put it lightly. It’s like Vegas and the red-light district in Amsterdam put together. The hunter also knows that a version of Fitz died, which is creepy.

Daisy, Simmons, and company visit the guys that swindled Fitz and Enoch. Daisy starts breaking fingers until one of them talks. He tells them that there are two places that they’re likely to be: the casinos or brothels. Davis, Daisy, and Jemma all partake in the aforementioned alien goodies.


Enoch and Fitz talk. Enoch thinks that they could make money being gigolos, a notion that Fitz shuts down immediately. Enoch decides that they need to take part in a game which is strictly mathematical. The reason he didn’t mention it earlier is that the stakes are rather high. High in this case means that if Fitz loses, he will get sold into slavery. What is the thing with space slavery? Anyway, Enoch will signal Fitz with high pitched noises as to what to do.


Daisy and Simmons are at the casino and they’re high. The alien goodies were akin to some kind of hallucinogenic mushroom and they are high as kites.


Davis is worse. Piper sees him and tells him not to move while she tries to help.

By the time Daisy and Simmons get to the bar, they’ve forgotten the mission. They decide that it’s girl’s night. Simmons then sees Fitz in a monkey suit dancing on her straw and remembers, leaving Daisy.


The hunter gets free while Davis is high. Piper sees and helps the knocked-out Davis.

Daisy starts doing a voiceover in her head when she gets propositioned by the alien that tricked Enoch earlier. She eventually finds Simmons and they talk about Daisy’s horrible luck with men, and how they’re best friends and they love each other so much. It’s wonderful and hilarious and exactly what friends look like when they’re drunk.


Enoch is making dolphin noises. The guy next to Fitz gets the wrong number and gets shot with an arrow. Enoch then malfunctions and now they are screwed. Everyone knows that Enoch is not a biological entity and the boss will want to speak to them personally.


Piper tries to confront the hunter, who is doing something to the computer, but he vanishes through one of his portals.


Daisy and Simmons hear Enoch malfunctioning.

Fitz reboots Enoch, who informs him that what happened was a remote override and it was done by a chronicon. There are different kinds. Enoch is an anthropologist. What is coming is a hunter.

Daisy and Simmons see the hunter, who brought friends. Daisy tries to fight high. She initially requires assistance from Simmons, but she eventually gets the hang of it while Simmons goes looking for Fitz.

Enoch is having an existential crisis. Now that he has been decommissioned, he has no further purpose in life. Fitz gives him a pep talk and Enoch manages to burn the door down.

Fitz and Simmons lock eyes for two seconds before the hunter grabs him and portals away. My poor precious science babies.


Evil Coulson puts on his sunglasses at night and shoots his special gun at the sky. It’s apparently more of a scientific device than a death ray, as it charted the stars?

I loved this so much. Simmons and Daisy had a girl’s night, Enoch wants to be a gigolo, and Fitz was in a monkey suit. What more can you feasibly ask for, besides Fitz and Simmons to actually be happy? 9/10.