#AgentsofShield Season 6 Episode 4 "Code Yellow" Recap and Review

Deke is in the future Lighthouse pretending that he’s an action hero from the 80’s, complete with Daisy in a horrible outfit. It’s a simulation. He has a girlfriend, played by Maurisa Tancharoen, and a sidekick. He runs a startup with S.H.I.E.L.D tech, starting with his Framework. His latest thing is mushroom pellets and he refuses to wear anything on his wrist.


Mack is talking to a redshirt, and then Yo-Yo’s redshirt, Keller, visits him in his office. They have a non-conversation where they say all that they need to say, and then Yo-Yo walks in. She figured out that Evil Coulson and his compatriot were using a grid to find something.

Jaco and Pax chase a random guy. Butterfly girl and Evil Coulson corner him and kill him.

Deke is calling his mushroom pellets the “post food” movement. There’s someone in the conference room. It’s Evil Coulson with a creepy blue knife. It’s awkward because Deke knows that Coulson is supposed to be dead and Evil Coulson has no idea who Coulson was. Deke’s first thought is that Fitz performed a S.H.I.E.L.D memory wipe on him.


May found the body. Yo-Yo talks to Keller on the way to see it. The man is crystallized. He was headed to Sioux City, which is a hub of several ley lines.

Deke figures out that Evil Coulson is not Coulson and Evil Coulson tries to kill him. The rest of the bad guys converge.


The crystallized man’s name is Harold Simco. Benson cuts him open, and what the Fringe is happening right now?

Evil Coulson makes a speech about hunting people like Deke his entire life. Deke’s sidekick is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

Dr. Benson found an alien toxin in the man’s blood that reminds him of an accelerant to make self-destructive zombies. Oh, and the thing in his chest? It’s a bat parasite and it’s alive, which is proves when it flies out of the man’s chest and into the ventilation system.

Deke’s sidekick called Mack and May with a “Code Yellow.” Once they find out that Evil Coulson and co are in the building, it turns from an extraction into an assault.

Yo-Yo, Keller, and the redshirt from earlier are hunting the bat. Keller lifts Yo-Yo into the vent, and subsequently gets attacked by the bat, who makes its way into his stomach. Yo-Yo takes him to Doctor Benson.

Mack, May, and team are in the building. Mack reminds May that it would be ideal to bring them in alive.

Deke gets a call from his girlfriend. She was out getting hipster tea and didn’t know the building was being attacked. Deke promises to come get her. He finds her in the bathroom.

May fights Butterfly Girl. She wins, but then Evil Coulson puts a gun to her head.

Mack beats up Pax for Deke. Then Jaco comes in, and Deke has an idea. Him and Mack chase him into the Framework. When Mack sees what Deke’s been up to, Deke tries to buy his silence.


Evil Coulson doesn’t want to kill May.

Yo-Yo tries to help Dr. Benson operate on Keller, but when Benson tries to cut him open, Keller burns him. They need to get him to containment, or he could take the whole place down.  They don’t make it, so Yo-Yo has to kill him before he explodes. He still crystallizes all over the place.


Evil Coulson and Butterfly Girl have kidnapped May.

The end of the episode is Deke’s girlfriend’s Instagram commentary, which is hilariously on point.


This season is getting real Fringe-like and I demand answers, or Walter. Anyone else find it interesting that any form of Coulson is incapable of killing May? 8/10.