#AgentsofShield Season 6 Episode 5 "The Other Thing" Recap and Review

May wakes up in Tahiti and Coulson is there. It’s actually a flashback. May actually wakes up in Evil Coulson’s truck. He drugged her because she has violent tendencies. Butterfly girl is all he has left, and he needs her to pull a job for him so that he can talk to May.


Mack is staring at security footage when Deke’s redshirt tells him that Deke is out of surgery. He then follows Yo-Yo to talk. They talk about Keller and then they kind of talk about their relationship, but she doesn’t want anything to do with him. She has been questioning the prisoners and she wants Mack to keep an eye on Benson.

Enoch is still having an existential crisis. Jemma and Daisy then tell him how he sacrificed his life for them in the future. He begins to tell them about the chronicon hunters when a fleet shows up and surrounds them.

Evil Coulson brings out the knives and wants to know how they all know him. He’s never been to a world where people recognize his face.

Daisy, Simmons, Piper, and Davis all think that the fleet is the Confederacy, but Enoch doesn’t. He’s right. The woman that walks through the door is also a chronicon, one that Enoch knows. Her name is Atara and she is here to judge Enoch for tampering with the universe. The chronicon home world has been destroyed by distortions of space. She knows that they have used time travel and she wants them to explain how it works. They don’t know, but she doesn’t believe them. She has a hologram of Fitz and if any harm comes to her, the fleet will scatter, and they will never find him.


Evil Coulson is beginning to understand why everyone, especially May hates him. It’s the “other thing,” as he calls it. May threatens to kill him slowly and painfully. Butterfly girl is done with her mission, so Evil Coulson drugs her again. We get another Tahiti flashback. Coulson and May flirt and drink, even though Coulson is still dealing with the “other thing,” as he calls it. When Evil Coulson wakes May up, he shoots a random guy in the head and leaves May to stab him with one of the special knives. He zombies out and they fight. He starts crystallizing and then she stabs him.

Mack is watching Benson, like Yo-Yo told him to. He explains that they need Benson at his best, and that there are people that are worried.

Enoch is trying to get Fitz released. Him and Atara may have what passes as romantic history for chronicons. He explains that Fitz can figure out time travel with the right motivation. This way they need him alive. Simmons is of course the motivation. Once Atara needs them both alive, Daisy knocks her out.


Benson and Yo-Yo talk. The knife killed the bat after six hours and its structure looks like one of the crystals. He also knows how it feels to kill a loved one.

Evil Coulson explains that the bats are called the Shrike. When they’re crystallizing, what they are actually doing is supercharging.

Yo-Yo notices that the structure of the crystals is similar to the structure of the monoliths. The man that they found was making his way toward a ley line convergence, which would give them more energy to supercharge.

Evil Coulson is a century old and has been chasing these things for as long as he can remember. He doesn’t believe that Coulson could have been just a regular person. Then it switches back and forth from Evil Coulson to Coulson. They have a couple of the same sayings. Coulson wants May to be a teacher. Evil Coulson is going to destroy the world when the Shrike’s creator arrives.


Daisy and Simmons find Piper and Davis and then they get cornered by the chronicons. Simmons turns herself in and tell them to go. Whatever happens, at least she’ll be with Fitz.


May baits Butterfly Girl and knocks her out. Then she begins to garrote Evil Coulson. They fight and talk for a minute, before she successfully knocks him out and handcuffs him to the truck. Flashback Coulson is asleep, and she does the same little motion for him as she does for Evil Coulson.


Benson needs to go to the Yucatan and then South America. He thinks that the monoliths might be from there.

A transmission comes in from Daisy. Everyone hugs and then Daisy begins to give the bad news. Before she can finish, Deke’s redshirt tells Mack that May caught him. Daisy doesn’t know who him is, so they’ve got a lot of catching up to do.


Enoch explains to Fitz what has happened, which Fitz does not take well. Enoch then releases a gas, which knocks Fitz out?


So, I was not expecting Evil Coulson to be a hundred years old, but we’re getting some answers, so that’s good. 8/10.