#AgentsofShield Season 6 Episode 6 "Inescapable" Recap and Review

Simmons wakes up in a white room with Fitz and they hug. Atara comes in and shows them the Chronicon planet and explains to them that they need to solve time travel. Fitz believes this is impossible, but Simmons has in fact done it. Atara will give them any kind of Chronicon tech that they need. Their minds are linked, and all their memories are shareable, which is not safe, but she doesn’t care. They also can’t escape. Their minds are the key.


After Atara leaves, Fitz proposes to her again. She obviously says yes, and they kiss. She doesn’t care if they escape.


He talks more about what he’s been through than she does. He’s learned Sithian and wants to start studying the monolith. Simmons turns into a seven-year-old version of herself and runs away. Fitz follows her into her childhood bedroom.


They are trapped inside their minds. They are in a coma inside of a machine.


Fitz and little Jemma talk. She locks all of her troubles inside of a music box. She wants him to read a bedside story or she’ll call her dad. When Fitz picks it up, it’s the Darkhold. They run back into the white room. Atara won’t return Simmons to her adult form.


Enoch is worried about them. The cerebral fusion machine has never been used on humans. It works on chronicons because they have no emotional baggage. There are no demons running around in their brains. Atara doesn’t care.

Fitz threatens to bring in Aida to get Simmons to revert to adult form. He asks her what she’s so afraid of and then Mack shows up to lead them into a memory. It’s a memory after Fitz’s death. Fitz sees himself in a body bag, learns that he and Simmons were married, and learns that Coulson is dead. Mack was the one who took it the hardest. He demanded a funeral, but also retrofitted the Zephyr to go find him. It’s a bit much for Fitz to process, so he runs away.


He runs into an academy memory. Simmons shows up late to his room and they are so adorable and awkward. This was the night that they became friends. Simmons is worried about him. He was manic in this memory and then the monkeys from his jail cell appear on the wall. She’s afraid the Doctor will make an appearance.


He does of course, and has soldiers shoot at them. They run back into Simmons room and her music box explodes open. The woman from the ring comes out and starts attacking them. They hide in her closet. These are all of her repressed problems. She’s so English and they both need massive amounts of therapy.


They fall out of the closet into S.H.I.E.L.D. pre-Season 1. This is their memory of meeting Coulson. Coulson thought they were one person. After talking about an experiment that went wrong, he offers them both spots on his team.


Ring Simmons attacks Fitz again and Simmons finds the Doctor. The Doctor puts her in the memory machine and Ring Simmons puts Fitz in a chokehold.


Enoch is worried about them. If their minds keep attacking each other like this, they will go brain dead. Atara doesn’t care.

While Simmons is in the memory machine, Ring Simmons is dissecting Fitz. They both start chanting that they aren’t alone. As Ring Simmons is cutting Fitz’s heart out, they realize that they can call on their friends to help them. Mack saves Fitz and Daisy saves Simmons.


They both run into a power containment pod and start arguing like the old married couple they are. When they start arguing about being at the bottom of the ocean, the pod begins to fill with water. They yell that they love each other and make up.


They then decide to face their demons together. Their demons are getting along quite nicely, which is both disturbing and comedic.


They find themselves back in the white room and get married. Atara has now decided to separate them, but she dies before she can. Fitz and Simmons wake up to a group of dead chronicons and Enoch. They then leave using the hunter’s portal.


Daisy and Mack are filling each other in.


So that was bizarre and totally wrong and awesome. Good gracious these characters need therapy, but I wouldn’t want anyone walking around in my memories either. I don’t quite have a ring music box, but I have a pretty nasty recycling bin. 8/10.