#AgentsofShield Season 6 Episode 7 "Toldja" Recap and Review

The episode starts in the bar in Kitson. The creepy guy who hit on Daisy is now talking to a woman with pink hair. Fitzsimmons and Enoch show up in the middle of the room. The hunter’s tool is called an interplanetary conveyance disk. Someone steals it.


Evil Coulson is in mood lighting in the Lighthouse elevator. He and May separate from Butterfly girl. Everyone stares at Evil Coulson as he makes his way to command. Daisy can’t handle it and Coulson wrongly assumes that she was also in love with him. May tells the team what Evil Coulson told her. Yo-Yo and Evil Coulson almost come to blows. Mack wants to talk to him in private. He tells May about Fitzsimmons before he leaves.


Enoch tells Fitzsimmons that the exit is clear. It becomes less so when the hulking green guy blocks the way and they get surrounded.

Yo-Yo talks to Jaco, on Mack’s orders. Once she tells him that they have Evil Coulson, he starts to spill. He tells her about his planet. He was the runt of eight. They were all bakers and they are all dead. He’s coughing like crazy, but he doesn’t want help until they release Evil Coulson.

Mack and Evil Coulson talk. Evil Coulson is condescending and dickish and all that Mack gets out of him is that the creator would consider himself a god. He also says that everyone just wants to follow him, and he’ll end up in charge instead of Mack.


Deke checks on Daisy. He’s horribly awkward trying to impress her and has no idea who Michael Jordan is. He then asks Daisy about Fitzsimmons.


Mack and May are talking when Deke interrupts. Daisy told him everything and he is ticked. He would have wanted to go on the mission to find Fitz. Mack was feeling abandoned but promises him that they will find them. What he needs right now is a Fitzsimmons brain to hack Evil Coulson’s tech.


Deke’s redshirt brings Evil Coulson to Mack’s office to meet Coulson’s hologram. Mack tells Evil Coulson about Coulson, but Evil Coulson refuses to budge.

Mr. Kitson is in fact the third Mr. Kitson. His grandfather built Kitson city with a dozen slaves. He’s going to send Enoch to the brothels. He has something special in mind for Fitzsimmons. It’s a game where they try not to get beheaded. Them and the creepy guy from earlier all have to hold up the blades of a guillotine. The first person to let go loses and dies. The pink lady from the beginning threatens and bribes Mr. Kitson for Fitzsimmons. He delivers an electric shock to the other guy so that he loses and dies.


Mack and Daisy talk about Coulson, Fitzsimmons, and Yo-Yo until Deke interrupts them. He hacked Evil Coulson’s tech. There are two dots moving towards each other.

Deke’s redshirt checks on Jaco, who appears to not be breathing. He then starts breathing fire. Daisy knocks him in the head with the door and then Mack puts him out with a fire extinguisher.


Both targets are in Iowa. Both targets are captured without incident. Mack tells all of this to Evil Coulson. He asks if they put the targets together. They did. They start vibrating and shrieking and they grab each other.

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May tells all of this to Mack. He brings in Evil Coulson and asks for help, which Evil Coulson is willing to give in exchange for his freedom, his crew’s freedom, and his truck. The containment pod that they are in starts to supercharge and won’t be able to hold them long. Mack agrees to Evil Coulson’s deal. The Shrike don’t like cold, so May depressurizes the plane.


The pink lady, whose name is Izel ,needs a crew to travel to Earth to retrieve items that were stolen from her. She just needs a ship. Fitzsimmons find the ship from episode 3 and commandeer it.


Enoch isn’t coming with them. His mission is complete. Now he has to find a planet for his people. Fitz hugs him. Enoch gives them a communication device, so he’ll hopefully be back.


I really hate Evil Coulson and I will miss Enoch. 8/10.