AgentsofShield Season 6 Episode 8 "Collision Course Part 1" Recap and Review

Fitz is about to take their ship to warp, but there is a 50% chance that they will all die. It works and they don’t. They come out just beyond the moon.

Mack wants to know Evil Coulson’s plan and he wants specifics. Evil Coulson tells him that all of the hosts are gathering at one specific spot. That is where the beast will come through. If he isn’t there, they are all going to die. Mack agrees to let him have his truck and one of his crew. May and Daisy will come along to supplement. Mack wants the other two as insurance.


He picks Butterfly girl of course. He then has something break, which he needs one of the men to fix. Mack decides to blackmail Deke instead. Butterfly girl instantly has a thing for Deke, and he doesn’t hear the crazy bells ringing all around him. Evil Coulson wants Daisy up front with him. They will rendezvous in 17 hours.


Mack promised Evil Coulson that they wouldn’t leave the base. Technically, the Zephyr is their base in the sky. He’s going to follow them, and he needs Yo-Yo’s help.

Izel sings a Shrike to life. Her being the creator was so obvious that I was sure it was a misdirect. I’m honestly disappointed.


Pax and Jaco are on the Zephyr. Pax is chained up and squealing about how following Evil Coulson is a stupid idea and Jaco is in a containment pod breathing his natural atmosphere.

Daisy and Evil Coulson talk. She tries to pry into his past, but he won’t say much except that he’s going to kill Izel. She presumably killed everyone he cared about and his planet.

Fitzsimmons ask her what she’s looking for. She calls the monoliths “dialos,” which is disturbingly close to the Spanish word for devil considering the South American vibe that’s been going on. According to her, they originated on her planet to connect life together, but there was someone who didn’t want that. Now he’s hunting her wherever she goes. She heard that the chronicons had possession of the monoliths, so she went to the chronicon home world, but he killed her crew and the planet was destroyed. He hates her because she knows what he really is.

Yo-Yo and Mack talk. He’s not feeling great about himself lately and she reassures him. They then get a report from Benson, who has been in South America.

Izel infects the crew member with the alien hallucinogen with a Shrike.

May and Daisy talk about the weirdness that is happening.


There is a stone carving from Benson’s report that looks like a woman surrounded by the Shrike. Izel is the name of someone from Incan mythology who escaped a realm of fear and darkness. There is another carving that looks like the monoliths. She needs them to regain her full power.

Deke and Butterfly girl were having sex when Coulson abruptly stops the truck. Deke was supposed to fix his Shrike repellent, but it isn’t working.


One of the crew members is worried about the guy that has since been assimilated and tells Fitzsimmons. They ignore him. Fitz then proceeds to be jealous of himself. It’s completely adorable and sad.


Evil Coulson explains that the closest they came to killing Izel was on the chronicon planet. They killed her crew and they had her cornered, and then she vanished. I guess ancient South American demons can do that. Izel killed his family and he’s going to kill her with a magic sword. Daisy thinks he’s holding out on them. He thinks the same and makes Daisy quake the sword away.

The hosts have all gathered together and they start crystallizing. It’s a tower.

They obviously have to destroy the tower. According to Evil Coulson, once Izel arrives it will grow in size tenfold. It will then turn into a swarm of shrike that will destroy the planet.

The ship is coming, and they still have no way to communicate. Fitzsimmons realize something is off. What they don’t know is that all the rest of the crew are now Shrike hosts.


Pax strangles a redshirt and frees Jaco. Their plan is to take control of the plane, but Yo-Yo is around to make sure that doesn’t happen. Without any other options, Pax begins to spill. Coulson has a weapon that will take a chunk out of the planet, and they are flying straight into the blast radius.

Daisy and May confront Evil Coulson while Deke ties up Butterfly girl. The crater is going to be 200 miles long. Evil Coulson put the truck on auto and it’s heading straight to the tower. Daisy can’t quake it away because it is sensitive and could detonate prematurely.

Evil Coulson then climbs onto a circle on the top of the truck. It’s a portal connected to Jaco’s jacket.

Daisy gets impatient and blows the door. They find the bomb.

The ship is landing.

Mack has to decide what to do.


Enoch is talking to a friend of his about rounding up the other anthropologists and finding somewhere to live. The hunter is alive and wants to kill Enoch. First, he’s going to go into Fitz and Simmons’ brains.

There’s no use rating this episode without seeing the next one, so I’ll hold off.