#AgentsofShield Season 6 Episode 9 "Collision Course Part 2" Recap and Review

Mack tells Yo-Yo to prepare the Quinjet. He wants to know Evil Coulson’s plan. He’s not the type to make the sacrifice play.


Evil Coulson, Jaco, and Pax are gonna take the plane. They have a solar forcefield that they’ll use to keep Yo-Yo out once they take the bridge. He then tells them about Butterfly Girl, and he makes another quip: No one slows us down.

Fitzsimmons is still trying to communicate with S.H.I.E.L.D. Simmons finds the crew and notices that they are not in any way normal. Izel explains that she gave them a “higher purpose” and promises not to do the same to them. They’re far too valuable.


The bomb in the truck? It’s an atomic bomb. Deke’s ready to dazzle.

Evil Coulson gets to the bridge, shoots a redshirt, and cuffs Mack. Jaco and Pax put up the forcefield. He then commands Davis to turn the ship around.

Yo-Yo finds the containment module empty.

Deke can’t do it. He doesn’t know how. They all prepare to die and then Daisy rushes to the bomb. The truck crashes into the tower and releases the Shrike swarm. The bomb doesn’t go off because Daisy built a forcefield around it.


Evil Coulson is, of course, extraordinarily confused and ticked that his bomb didn’t go off.

Izel tells Fitzsimmons about the tower and she threatens them. They need communications up and running pronto.

Evil Coulson has Davis follow Izel’s ship.

Yo-Yo takes out Pax. She uses him as bait, which Jaco takes. Evil Coulson shoots Pax in the head and puts the forcefield back up, but not before Yo-Yo got Mack a key.

May sees the swarm and shuts the truck door.

Simmons is finally able to transmit. She transmits the distress signal, which Davis echoes. Evil Coulson catches on and begins transmitting to Izel. While they banter, she says some increasingly cryptic things. He changes names often, he’s “wearing someone’s skin,” and he has none of his own memories. She knows his name and who he really is. Evil Coulson then rips out the means of communication. Fitzsimmons don’t know yet about Evil Coulson, and Izel takes their confusion as conspiratorial guilt and turns on them. Fitzsimmons get away, but they are on a spaceship and have nowhere to go. Fitz has an idea.

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Everyone in the truck grabs a magic knife and reinforces the windows.

Yo-Yo cuffs Jaco, but he breaks the cuffs. They then talk about what his actual mission is.


Mack breaks out of his own cuffs and gets into a bit of fisticuffs with Evil Coulson. He obviously wins, but Evil Coulson handles himself better than I would have expected.

He wakes up in the containment module. Mack, Yo-Yo, and Davis are going after Fitzsimmons. Evil Coulson begs to go with them. They don’t know what they’re going up against. They’re taking Jaco for that.

Daisy opens the door to create a choke point for the Shrike. She then manages to quake them all to dust.


Fitzsimmons is hiding in a closet on the ship.


Davis is the only one that has been on the ship before, so he’s taking point. Jaco starts the actual shooting while Mack and Yo-Yo look for Fitzsimmons. Jaco and Davis try to go after Izel but she disappears. Mack and Yo-Yo find Fitz and Simmons and Mack gives Fitz the biggest bear hug in the world. He actually saw Fitz die, so the look on his face gives me life.


They all reunite and take the portal in Jaco’s jacket.


They reunite with everyone else and seriously, the looks on people’s faces kill me.


Jaco takes the bomb and goes back to the ship. He subsequently blows it up. He was the one I wanted to live, so of course he dies.


What do you do when you think it’s all over? You have a party. Mack and Daisy talk, Yo-Yo and May talk, and Deke tries to impress Fitz while Simmons drinks Zima. It’s wonderful. Butterfly girl almost turns Evil Coulson into a butterfly. Deke stops her, but then Daisy points out that Butterfly girl needs to be locked up too. Something weird is happening with Davis. Mack proposes a toast.


Cute domestic moments happen. The last one is Mack coming to see Yo-Yo. He apologizes and makes a wonderful speech. She forgives him and they make up.


May goes to see Evil Coulson and shoots him. Repeatedly.


I was expecting another shoe to drop, but that was not the one I was expecting. Is Evil Coulson dead? What is he? Where did Izel go? Is he a shapeshifter? Can she control people without the Shrike? Two-parters mean answers and I am low on answers. What is happening here? 7.5/10