#AgentsofShield Season 6 Finale (Episodes 12 &13)

The finale starts with Flint coming to. He tries to protect Mack and Yo-Yo from Izel, against their protests. It obviously doesn’t work. She possesses him and begins to build the monoliths.

May and Evil Coulson talk.

Daisy and Fitzsimmons give the spiel. Deke made as many of the sonic disruptors as they’ll need. They melted down the daggers to make bullets. The bullets will shatter when they enter the Shrike.

May and Daisy talk on the plane. May wants to separate the parts of Evil Coulson after he kills Izel with the magic sword. They’re coming in near the temple.

Izel comes out of Flint and he slumps to the ground. She gives a villain speech and then goes outside to disperse the Shrike. She tells them to bring her an army.


The Zephyr and Quinjet are empty, but disabled. They can’t use the radio either. Since Izel’s power has to do with frequencies, she might be able to hear them.

Deke has an idea.

Flint wakes up and gets Mack and Yo-Yo out of chains just in time for Izel to walk in. She possesses Yo-Yo and makes her break one of Flint’s legs.


Deke brought the team from his company and they are set up in a lab. He wants to use the Remorath jump drive to get them in and out of the temple. Fitz freaks out because Deke stole all this tech and he isn’t sure how it works.


Evil Coulson has always had the magic sword. He didn’t use to question why. Before they can get too much into it, a Shrike host comes through. He shoots it but there are more coming. They mow the first wave down, after which Evil Coulson makes a very Coulson-like joke. May radios in after the fight because they no longer have the element of surprise. Daisy is going to distract the Shrike while May and Evil Coulson go to the temple to finish Izel.


Simmons tries to keep Fitz and Deke from fighting, but it doesn’t work so well. Deke snaps and says that the reason he created his company was because he wanted to be liked and he wanted to belong somewhere. He comes from a place that doesn’t exist anymore, everyone he knew is dead, his best friend turned out to be a spy, his girlfriend turned out to be a psycho, everyone he knows thinks he’s a loser, including and especially Daisy, and even his own grandparents think he’s a joke. Simmons didn’t even tell him that Fitz died. He could have been there for her. He wants to be taken seriously, so he decides to take the jump drive for a spin.


It actually works and he’s able to put the sonic disrupters on Mack, Yo-Yo, and Flint. Flint and Deke reintroduce themselves and now they all have to run. Deke tries to use the jump drive to get back to the Lighthouse, but it doesn’t work this time. It needs a 20-30-minute recharge. With the Shrike hosts following him, he doesn’t have 20-30 minutes.

Izel has a new outfit and she begins to sing. The monoliths begin to vibrate. Deke is the closest and puts up a camera so Fitzsimmons can see.

Mack, Yo-Yo, and Flint get back to the Zephyr. Mack asks Piper to take Flint back to the Lighthouse. They have to go back in the temple as backup.

Evil Coulson and May hear Izel’s singing. May has faith in him to do the right thing even if he doesn’t, even if he isn’t Coulson. Daisy distracts the Shrike so that they can make their way in.


Deke manages to get out of the temple and dumps the jump drive. He’s directed to the Quinjet.

Daisy gets to the Zephyr.

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Izel liquefies the monoliths, which causes Evil Coulson to get a splitting headache. May promises to get him to Izel. The gateway begins to open.


There are Shrike hosts in the Zephyr. Mack, Daisy, and Yo-Yo barricade themselves away from them just as Deke gets to the Quinjet.


Evil Coulson gets to Izel, but he can’t stab her?

Mack and Daisy argue about trusting Evil Coulson.

May and Izel fight for the loyalty of Evil Coulson. May explains to him that love often feels like pain, but it’s a good pain, and it’s a pain he felt for his team. He decides that he doesn’t like it, so HE STABS HER AND PUSHES HER INTO THE PORTAL LIKE A MONSTER!


Enoch is on Kitson and meets with his friend. All of the Chronicons have been reassigned as hunters. They fight.

Fitzsimmons saw everything and tell Daisy.


Daisy apologizes to Mack. He was right. He usually is. Yo-Yo is in more of a “let’s make it count mindset,” and tells Daisy as such.

The comms in the Lighthouse go out. Chronicon hunters have infiltrated the Lighthouse.

Deke is stuck in the Quinjet and will have to fly over to the Zephyr.

The lead hunter has Fury’s black box and they are looking for all agents. Fitz tries to call Enoch but is sent to voicemail.

May is in the sand in front of three statues that look like the Nazgul.

Deke has to find a hatch in the floor, because one of the Shrike hosts took out an important component in the Quinjet.

Fitzsimmons get to the emergency rendezvous place, but the Chronicons have already been there. A lot of redshirts are dead, including Deke’s. The Chronicons know all that Fitzsimmons know because they were in their heads. They send everyone that’s still alive to Deke’s lab because they didn’t know about it until after they were captured by the Chronicons.


Evil Coulson can’t seem to decide which side he’s on because he’s still fighting Izel. She reroutes all the Shrike to come back to the temple.

Deke manages to crash the Quinjet into the Zephyr. At the same time, the Shrike hosts have hit the armory and blast through the barricade. Yo-Yo hits three of them at once, but then one of the Shrike gets her.

Fitzsimmons are in a lab. It can’t be Deke’s lab because that’s where everyone else is supposed to be, so I’m going to guess it’s their lab. They have to destroy everything in it so that the Chronicons can’t get their hands on it.

The three Nazgul are wearing necklaces with pendants of the three monoliths. May is alive! The portal must have stopped her wound. She pulls the sword out of her, beats the three Nazgul, and throws the pendants out of the portal.


There’s no way out of the lab, so Fitzsimmons decide to blow it all with a grenade. Enoch’s friend saves them from the other Chronicons and puts the pin back in the grenade. It’s actually Enoch himself. He killed his friend and took his skin. He has a very dramatic plan and Fitzsimmons are so done with dramatics, but they agree to it.


Yo-Yo wants Daisy to kill her if she becomes a Shrike.


Izel has her own knife and goes through the portal to fight May.

While this is happening, Daisy, Deke, Mack, and Yo-Yo reenter the temple. Deke stays behind to take care of the hosts. Daisy quakes Coulson into his true form, which is vaguely reptilian, but he breaks through. Mack then fights him.

Izel overpowers May and puts in the three pendants. The gateway begins to open, and May gets up. It doesn’t matter to Izel anymore what happens to May. Her mission is finished. She goes back through the portal and leaves May to the mercy of the ones coming through.

Evil Coulson overpowers Mack. Daisy can’t stab Yo-Yo, so she takes over fighting Evil Coulson.

May stabs Izel right as Izel is about to stab Daisy. Yo-Yo pukes up dead Shrike. Daisy quakes Evil Coulson and Mack slices him in half.


The portal was keeping May alive and now she’s dying. She asks Daisy if there was any Coulson. Daisy says no. May says that she’ll see him soon enough and dies.


Then the lights turn on. Simmons walks in with a hazmat team and says that May will be fine. She gives her an injection of something while the hazmat team take a core sample of the monoliths. She then puts May in a cryopod and they walk into an upgraded Zephyr. Fitz isn’t with her. They modified the jump drive and go to coordinates Fitz provides while two missiles strike the temple. They’re above New York City, during the early 1930’s.


Simmons drops one more bombshell. They made a Coulson LMD. The Lighthouse wasn’t the only target that the Chronicons hit. Since they have Fury’s black box and all of Fitzsimmons knowledge, Fitzsimmons and Enoch needed someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of S.H.I.E.L.D. history. Also, they missed him.


Ok. So as much as that was exciting, and as much as I love this show, I was a bit disappointed. It felt both built up too much and rushed. We still didn’t get answers, at least satisfactory ones, and now it’s on to the next thing. And Fitzsimmons are separated. AGAIN! I’m seriously getting tired of that. That being said, I am excited for where this last season will take us ,and I will see y’all then. 7/10.