AHS: 1984 S9:E02 RECAP #AHS1984

What an episode! Let’s get right into it. Okay, so in the opening scene, Karen is coming to warn Margaret that Mr. Jingles has escaped and she needs to shut down the camp. Margaret refuses and says that she would gladly kill him if he attempted to come back to the camp. After refusing to shut down the camp, Karen leaves, and on her way back, and gets a flat tire. Convenient, right? It’s the middle of the night, no one around, and then a tow truck appears out of nowhere. I wonder who it could be?  Possibly Mr. Jingles? It’s soon revealed that it was a trap set for her. He pulls her out of her car after breaking the window, and kills her -again, taking one of his victim’s ears.  

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After we go to the counselors to see what they’re up to, they are all watching the news about a murder supposedly committed by the Night Stalker. Brooke (as per usual) is freaking out, while nobody is taking her seriously – in 80s horror flick fashion. Montana tries to talk her down when Brooke tells her about her previous engagement to a man named Joseph, who was a jealous S.O.B. He suspected that his friend/best man slept with Brooke the night before because he had come over to her house, and saw him walking in. They both swore they did nothing, but he didn’t believe her, so he shot his best man, her father, and then shot himself. Talk about a shotgun wedding -

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Then, Montana ends up kissing her. WHAT? I don’t know about you, but I did not see that coming. Soon, it comes out that Xavier turns out to be a gay-for-pay porn actor. (A gay-for-pay actor is a straight male/female or who have sex with other men/women on film for the money) His former employer follows him to Camp Redwood, and throws everything in a tizzy…but soon after dies while peeping through a peephole at all the boys while they’re showering.  

[Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve read the articles about Gus Kenworthy playing a “straight” actor in this series – but I DEFINITELY saw him eyeing around the showers, trying to catch a glimpse of the other guys – so maybe he isn’t as “straight” as we thought.]


Also, it seems that the two killers are at Camp Redwood. Mr. Jingles arrives, and shortly after, the Night Stalker is there as well. The Night Stalker again attacks Brooke, but she evades him after hitting him with a boat paddle. While running through the woods, he runs into a counselor from back when Margaret was a kid and attended the camp. He kills him. After a few seconds, the body disappears. He runs into him again….and kills him again. This guy won’t stay dead – he’s like Jason and/or Michael Myers. 


Now, I’m wondering very much what they’re playing at here. I don’t know if this guy is a zombie, or stuck in some type of time warp, or what – because he hasn’t aged a day.  

Back at camp, the Night Stalker is sitting in Margaret’s cabin, claiming he’s the antichrist. So – maybe this tied to Apocalypse in a way? Anyway, he surprisingly does not kill Margaret. He asks her about the camp counselor that won’t die. Then, they kind of build a kinship. She begins talking about Jesus as per usual, and he’s actually listening, and then it seems like she tries to have him take out Mr. Jingles, without harming anyone else at camp. He seemingly accepts this task and goes back out into the night. Soon after, the camp counselor that won’t die meets up with Margaret, and she lets him know that he’s dead, which is hard for one to believe. He doesn’t take it well.  

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