AHS: 1984 Season 9 Episode 3 Recap #AHS1984

So the episode starts EXACTLY where last week’s left off. The counselors are hiding from the Night Stalker. It seems like it took everyone a while to realize that someone was actually trying to kill Brooke - but now, luckily for her, everyone realizes that she is being followed by the Night Stalker, while the others are hiding from Mr. Jingles, or so they think…..turns out to be some pranksters, and throws a flaming bag of shit through the window…but that’s when the REAL Mr. Jingles comes and kills both of the pranksters. I guess imitation truly isn’t the purest form of flattery - but shortly after, Mr. Jingles runs into ANOTHER prankster/imitator, and he lets him go. So…..maybe he was flattered that he had a fan?


While Brooke and Rita were waiting for everyone, she shows her true colors and injects Brooke with a sedative, and she passes out. Then, we get a flashback to a week ago. Rita poses as a psychology student and goes to see Mr. Jingles in prison.  She gets him to speak, and her true nature comes out. She wants him released, and to “observe him” in his natural habitat. So, she hatches a plan with him by appealing to his vulnerabilities, claims that she had spoken to Bundy, Gacy, and other prolific serial killers - It turns out she helped him escape!

ahs 903.jpg

She then leads him to Camp Redwood and assumes the identity of a nurse who is Dreama Walker (who I’m SO happy to see. I haven’t seen her in anything since Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23). She kills the nurse and goes in her stead to Camp Redwood.


Chet and Ray find themselves in a trap (seemingly laid by Jingles) when Ray starts confessing. It seems a year before he was in a fraternity, and he was hazing an incoming freshman, and it did not go well for the freshman, and he died. Chet starts poking fun, so Ray gets upset and leaves him in his….predicament. After that, the others go hide in a cabin, where they find (the real) Rita - and turns out, she’s not dead…but that doesn’t last long. Jingles follow the counselors into the cabin, and they try to get Rita to be quiet, but in typical horror-movie fashion, she doesn’t, crawls out and away, and gets impales with an oar.

Soon after, they all find out that Rita is an imposter. After this, they find Chet and can save him, but then they hear Jingles coming - who unknowingly is one of the pranksters, Trevor tackles him and pushes him into the trap, which is filled with sharpened wooden spears, so….obviously he died.  Then, the scene cuts to Ray, who is just desperate to leave everything behind, gets on his motorcycle and begins to drive off, but before he’s able to leave the camp, Jingles decapitates him. 


Right after that, the Night Stalker comes up on Montana…and they stare at each other for a little bit, then they start kissing. She then pushes him and asks him why he hasn’t killed “her” yet, which I’m assuming she is referring to Brooke. 


Soooooo, it seems there is a lot of treachery in this. I’m definitely totally into it, though. Who else do you think maybe involved? I guess we’ll find out! I’ve also heard some interesting fan theories about this entire season. Who do you guys think? Sound off in the comments!