#Gotham "All Will Be Judged" S3 Ep19 Spoilers, Recap & Review

Alrighty then, nerds and geeks alike. A lot of awesome stuff happened in the latest episode of Gotham. I mean, usually, I’m pumped to see some stuff in episodes and then I’m just kind of “meh” on the other stuff, but on this episode, I found myself really enjoying the episode as a whole.

We got crystal owls, we got secrets uncovered, we got action, we got to see heads roll, we got a brand new character in the DC universe “The Executioner” in action with an actual executioner’s blade on his left arm, we got Harvey Bullock giving us excellent one liners, and we got Alfred’s bad, butler self, stabbing some people. Let’s get to it!

So Selina (Camren Bicondova), being all kinds of angry at Five (David Mazouz), storms into Wayne Manor and totally get right to the butt kicking and even stabs Five in the lower abdomen. The scuffle was intervened by Alfred (Sean Pertwee) and Five quickly takes advantage of the situation and knocks Selina out with a fire poker, all the while pretending to be all “Oh, Alfred! She attacked me! She’s crazy!” But then Alfred notices that “Bruce” doesn’t seem to be in pain in spite of being stabbed, and finally calls Five out and is all “Where’s Bruce?!” Then Alfred is, unfortunately, knocked out by Five and he manages to escape.


Now on to the real Bruce (David Mazouz), things get a little bit off putting with the Shaman (Raymond J. Barry). He does relieve Bruce from the pain of the night his parents were murdered, and now Bruce seems to be uninhibited so he can grow up to be a kick-ass bat. But the Shaman's attitude gets more and more unnerving as his assertion towards taking down the Court becomes more evident too. Not only that, it looks like his training with Bruce has had the same effect as the Court’s training of Talons: they are fighting machines who will obey any command.

Back at the Manor, Alfred tends to Selina’s wounds and tries to get into contact with Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), who is not responding. Alfred resolves to go down to the GCPD himself and asks Selina to accompany him. Still sour about the whole mother incident, she adamantly refuses. Alfred lets her have it about the only reason she’s not helping is because Bruce kept the truth about her horrible mother and that Bruce has done nothing to help her and he has always been by her side. Selina hesitantly shrugs all that off until Alfred delivers the final blow by saying that fine, she should run away, just like her mother. Run away and never come back.

Meanwhile, Jim and Harvey (Donal Logue) manage to find a location that, I’m not going to lie, looks REALLY cool on the inside, but it also has a crystal owl. Remember that other crystal owl that Bruce had until Jerome smashed it? It’s a good thing that the Court has spares, am I right? They shine their flashlight on the statue and it projects an image of what looks like to be Gotham City and several highlighted locations.

But before Jim and Harvey could figure out anything about anything, a grenade is tossed into the building and then things go BOOM…literally. The person who caused the explosion was none other than the Executioner, A.K.A. Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis). He’s got a cool looking suit, armed with cool explosives and a bad ass blade that was put on his left arm. He was ordered by Kathryn (Leslie Hendrix) to kill James Gordon which, if you haven’t been paying attention, the Executioner considers Jim to be all kinds of GUILTYYYYYY and is all for killing him. Gordon and Bullock quickly escape.

At the GCPD, Alfred finally catches up with Jim and informs him that Bruce has been kidnapped by the Court. They compare notes and convince Alfred to go get the pieces of the owl at the Manor and with some forensic magic, they can put together a functional copy of the statue.

While all that is going on, Kathryn gets arrested and gets interrogated by Jim, She puts on an “I don’t know what you‘re talking about” act, and I don’t know about you but that just royally pisses me off. When Alfred returns and hears word that Kathryn is in the building, he barges in on her and Jim and does a little interrogating himself. When she tries to put that act up again, Alfred gives what I think is one of the best lines in season three: “I’m not a cop, I’m a butler.” Then he freaking STABS HER HAND!!! Whaaaaaaaa?!

*A moment of silence for the sheer awesome of that scene*

However, that awesome moment is short lived when the Executioner shows up at the GCPD and knocks everyone out with some kind of gas. The boys bring Kathryn with them to confront their new enemy. Of course she does all she can to draw attention to her and the group. The Executioner then goes on and on about the guilty of Gotham blah blah blah and how it’s up to him to help purge the city blah blah blah. Kathryn says she’s all fed up with his nonsense and to just get his butt into gear and get her out of there. Triggered by the word ‘nonsense’ Barnes cuts off her head- wait whaaaat?!!

Inevitably Barnes does get captured…only to escape a few minutes later.

I guess I have to mention Lee (Morena Baccarin) and what she was up to in the episode. Well, for starters, she has a nightmare about her dead husband Mario and she visits Jervis Tetch (Benedict Samuel) in Arkham Asylum. In his own devilish and deliciously manner, Tetch informs Lee everything about his plan and how it affected her, Mario, and Jim. He also lectures Lee about how it’s funny that she has been blaming Jim and him for what happened, when she herself is also to blame.

After the whole Executioner debacle, we are told that the blood samples of the Tetch virus have all been taken. The only people who know the combination to the virus are Jim, Lucius, and…..Lee.

I bet you’re wondering what happened with Edward (Corey Michael Smith) and Oswald (Robin Lord Taylor), aren’t you? Don’t worry, I just wanted to put all of the Ed and Oz bits in one summary.

As expected, the two villains are astonished to see each other and alive no less. Their communication with one another is almost comedic with the witty jabs at the other’s expense and the constant back and forth. They eventually come to some sort of truce to get the heck out of their cages, with a time limit in accordance to their not murdering each other agreement, of course.

They do manage to break out and scare some hobos while they’re at it, until the Riddler and the Penguin part ways, no doubt in preparation of the other’s retaliation.

The last thing we see is Lee sitting at a table in her home and she injects the Tetch virus into herself……..yeah, a LOT of people saw that coming. So now I’m just waiting for her to come up with her stupid little plan to hurt Jim and anyone he calls friend and to just go through the motions with her either dying, becoming Harley, or just become another crazy inhabitant of Gotham.


I got to admit, I wasn’t really all psyched about the Executioner character because he is VERY much like a character already in the DC universe, Lock Up, and the whole shtick of a character “purging wherever the character lives of all bad stuff”, we’ve all seen it before. But I did enjoy the action I saw from the Executioner and the cool blade on his arm.

We got to see Jervis Tetch and all of his unsettling enjoyment of causing emotional pain to anyone he comes across. Very well done.

Now look, I like Selina and I get where she’s coming from with the whole mother angle, but when Alfred finally told her off, oh man did I enjoy it.

Alfred being a bad ass butler.

The show finally bringing back attention to the crystal owl. I wasn’t completely sure if it would be brought back up again.

I don’t know if I technically liked seeing Kathryn get her head cut off, but WOW!

I am overall impressed and satisfied about the episode and I would give it a 9 out of 10.

Got any questions and or comments about my review and recap? Don’t be shy, let me know.

As always, stay weird.