#APBio S2, Ep. 1 "Happiness" Season Premiere

No pencils, no books, but your teacher will give you dirty work for his new book in the season premiere of A.P. Bio. Here's a recap! 

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In the season premiere, Jack decides that instead of helping take down other people that the students want to take down;  he changes it up by tackling something more: writing a book about the meaning of happiness for a contest.

After getting the students input of what jobs he should take on, it turns out that he's going to need help and gets the students to do the jobs and report back to him with their opinions. But the students quit after learning that they weren't going to get what they want from him.

After what we assume that Jake types up his book, he returns to tell the students that he didn't finish his book but instead wrote up college recommendations; even gives Anthony the one thing that he wanted: his karate teacher's ponytail. Soon Jake and the class come up with ideas that make people happy.

Meanwhile, Ralph and Helen learn that it'll be a while for the copy machine to be replaced. Ralph does what he hopes would stall the teachers not make any copies. They get one chance to get a copier from a principle that plays with puppets. But Helen gave that school principal a run when she grabbed his sock puppet and threatened to cut it off and got the copier.

Also, Stef gets upset when Mary and Michelle didn't remember that it was her birthday that week. During the victory dance between Helen and Ralph; Michelle learns that it's Stef's birthday and later that night took the staff to Stef's birthday where Jack found happiness dipping fries in mayo.

"Happiness" was such a hilarious season premiere episode. As much as I can't get enough watching Jack and his students in this episode; it was the performance between Paula Pell and Patton Oswald that stole the event for me. The chemistry between these two is substantial. Strong writing, strong character development, excellent performance as I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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You can catch A.P. Bio Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.