#Arrow 5X05 "Human Target" Recap, Review & Casting Update

This week's episode starts of with team Arrow tracking and interrogating Church's men, looking for Wilddog's location. One finally gave them a general location. Tobias moves Renee into the woods and forces him to dig his own grave. Thinking that Renee would be dead soon after, Church revealed his plan to use Star City and the cities he has operated in in the past to create a massive drug network. Oliver arrives and saves Renee, but Church escapes. Back at the Arrowcave, Oliver sends Renee to Diggle to debrief. 

Diggle and Renee open up to each other about their past mistakes and Diggle helps the recruit remember exactly what happened when he was being tortured by Church. He informs Oliver that he told Church that Oliver was the Green Arrow. Oliver seems strangely optimistic and goes to city hall where he has several out of character interactions.

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Church heads to his base where he encounters an angry Prometheus. Prometheus attempts to kill Church, but a mercenary named "Scimitar" protected Church, prompting Prometheus to issue a last warning to stay away from the Green Arrow. Back at city hall, Oliver is shot by Scimitar as he walked out the front door. the Team watches a press conference, where lance reports the murder of Oliver Queen. Oliver is not dead, however, and employed a specialist named Christopher Chance, aka Human Target, to impersonate him so he can fake his own death. Chance is an old friend of Diggle's who came to help the team. With Oliver presumed dead, Church moves forward with his plan. 

Christopher Chance, aka The Human Target

Christopher Chance, aka The Human Target

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In the flashbacks, Oliver goes out with Anatoly to celebrate his induction into the Bratva. Oliver quickly learns that not all of the Bratva are happy about his induction. He is eventually lured outside, where some men try to kill him, but a sympathetic Bratva member arrives and saves Oliver. The man is actually Christopher Chance in disguise and was hired by Anatoly to kill the men because Bratva can't kill each other.

Church assembles his allies as the team, accompanied by Spartan, moves in and confronts them. Mr. Terrific and Artemis fight Scimitar, while the rest engage Church and the other gangsters. Scimitar beats his opponents but is shot by the Human target, who was posing as one of Church's men. Oliver defeats Church and he is placed under arrest. The team welcomes Diggle back to the fold and Christopher Chance departed.

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The episode ended with Church being transferred to prison in a convoy. In a chilling a violent scene, Prometheus attacks the convoy and kills all of the cops escorting Church. Church offers the Green Arrow's identity to Prometheus in exchange for his life. Prometheus kills Church anyways and leaves the scene.

            This week’s episode wrapped up a five-episode story arc, featuring Tobias Church as the primary antagonist. With Church now dead, Prometheus has taken the spotlight as the primary threat to the Green Arrow and his team. The last scene of this episode showed us that Prometheus is someone to be feared. The sheer terror on Church’s face, when the police convoy was attacked, was as genuine a reaction as could be given. It really made you feel for Church, if only for a moment. While Prometheus has a more simple appearance than other arrow villains, he is certainly a terrifying Arrow villain to date and it will be exciting to see what happens next. 

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            Though it is a little sad to see Chad L. Coleman depart from Arrow, the excitement for Prometheus makes the parting easier. Coleman’s portrayal of Tobias Church was charismatic and enjoyable. He was a villain that viewers could love to hate. He played his role well and had been the best minor villain on the show to date; shadowing Vertigo, Brick, and Anarchy.

            Having Diggle back on the team, and with an awesome new helmet, was one of the most exciting parts of the episode. Having the recruits comment on how awesome he is, mid-battle emulated what most viewers are most likely thinking to themselves. Having Diggle back on the team will provide them with another mentor/ leader figure. We may be able to see now the group be able to split into two separate teams to cover more missions and events.

            Christopher Chance made his Arrowverse debut this week. Like Wilddog and Ragman, he is a lesser-known DC property. The show handled him well and made him an interesting character. Having him posing as Oliver for part of the episode, without the audience's knowledge was really cool. It was odd having Oliver being uncharacteristically optimistic and cooperative with several of the minor characters. When it was revealed that it was really Chance disguised as Oliver, the change made sense. The only thing that was questionable was Chance’s inclusion in the Flashback, which seemed unnecessary. However, it wasn’t a very big deal.

            Let us take a moment to discuss some Arrow casting news. First of all, Juliana Harkavy (The Walking Dead, Constantine) will be brought in as Detective Tina Boland. Tina has transferred from Central City. She is described as someone who is not easy to impress and who speaks her mind. She is not supporting of Star City’s vigilantes. She will be joining the show for the latter half of this season. The second, and more exciting, addition to the cast is actress Lexa Doig (Continuum, Stargate SG-1). She will be depicting the legendary Talia al Ghul, Ras al Ghul’s eldest daughter. She is highly trained in most weapons and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. We will have to see how Arrow depicts this character. Talia will also appear in the latter half of the season.

Juliana Harkavy (The Walking Dead, Constantine) will be brought in as Detective Tina Boland.

Juliana Harkavy (The Walking Dead, Constantine) will be brought in as Detective Tina Boland.

Lexa Doig (Continuum, Stargate SG-1) the legendary Talia al Ghul

Lexa Doig (Continuum, Stargate SG-1) the legendary Talia al Ghul

Here is a preview of Season 5 Episode 6.


-How did you like the episode?

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