Arrow 7x03 Crossing Lines

Hi, guys, I am Sorry this review is two days late. Let's get into this episode crossing lines

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1. Oliver is fighting for his life. I mean wow he did fought, and he also gets to think about why criminals are they way they are. Has Oliver ever stopped to believe that they have families too? I understand that they are bad guys, but something happened to make them like that. Villains are nothing but bullies who were led down the wrong path. Oliver had rematches with almost everyone which was cool to see.

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2. Felicity teams up with the FBI. Wow, Felicity was not kidding when she said she would find someone else to help. The sad part about it though she was turned down by Watson who was stupid. Like how can I live my life when Diaz is gunning for my ass. I was like there is no way Felicity is trusting the person who puts Oliver in jail. which leads to number 3

3. Felicity Lies to the FBI. I was all for it lying to the FBI was a smart move that Felicity made. I was very supportive of that decision. If they did tell her they have a silencer; then the FBI would take even longer with Diaz. We do not have two or three more years for the FBI to catch Diaz. Plus Felicity wanted to get rid of Watson anyway deep down. I have been waiting for Watson to be gone since last season.

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4. Rene supports Felicity. Okay, Rene has redeemed himself for me a little not a lot. The way he supported with Felicity because he wants to get Diaz because Felicity is doing what Oliver told them to do. He is tired of everyone else following the rules. Rene did not agree not to tell anyone about the silencer. Look all I can say he better not wimp out and tell Diggle the plan.

5. Oliver goes to level two. Well, he is going to be fighting even more down in level two. I mean Oliver is going to have a tough time next episode. Hopefully, he will survive what they’ll do to them. I am terrified to watch next week’s episode. I hope you guys enjoy this review.

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Theory: Felicity helps break Oliver out of Jail. I mean the only person I see breaking Oliver out of prison is Felicity because we need Oliver back in the suit because it is hard to take down Diaz and the Longbow Hunters. I mean ARGUS and the FBI could not catch Diaz, and the fact that the FBI did not know about his new players was laughable. So, the only person who will get Oliver out is his wife because well she’s desperate and everyone for some damn reason is giving up on being vigilantes.

Overall this was an exciting episode, and I would give it an 8/1