#Arrow 7x05 "The Demon" Recap & Review

Let’s get into this Arrow episode 5 titled the Demon.

1. Felicity finds out about Oliver. Well, I was wondering when Felicity will find out about Oliver going to level two. You guys This episode was crazy, especially for Oliver. I told you level two Oliver would have to fight his way out literally. Felicity’s reaction was shocked because he would never do anything crazy to go down there. It turns out level two does not exist. That was just weird to me level two reminded me of Gotham’s Ark ham Asylum where all the crazy people go.

Arrow 705 2.gif
Arrow 705 3.jpeg

2. Oliver and Talia team up. Wow, I did not think about that character coming back. It was a surprise to me because the last time we saw her, she tried to kill the team and got blown up on the island. It was fun watching those scenes even the fight scenes were on point.

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3. Laurel and Felicity ask Dinah for help. I love that all the ladies were able to come together to help each other out. I felt as thou the little banter between Dinah and Laurel was unnecessary. Laurel has a point about the police department and the FBI, and I agree with her because it was true. I love how Dinah comforts felicity. Also, Laurel and Felicity becoming friends makes up for their season 3 scenes together

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4. Oliver refuses to break his cycle of violence. That scene was just bold because Oliver crusade started with his father and he evolved over the years. He knows the type of man his father was, and he knows the type of man he is. I love how he said; “If I want to end the cycle, it will end on my terms.” This was like a battle cry because I’m not going to stop if somebody tells me too I’ll stop when I want to stop.

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5. Diaz finds Anatoly. I mean we all knew that was going to happen eventually. So, next episode everyone goes and saves Anatoly. That will be fun, and I hope they all will not die in the process.

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Overall, great episode, I would rate it an 8/10.


1. How do you like the progression of the storyline?

2. What was your favorite scene of the episode?