#Arrow 7x06 "Due Process" Recap & Theory

This episode was crazy. Sorry for the delay

Laurel sees Oliver. This scene had so much raw emotion I was at the edge of my seat because Oliver finally accepts that Black Siren was not his Laurel. I have to admit he was kind of a dick in that scene because he is in a very dark place in prison and all

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Felicity is getting to show her dark side. Okay so Felicity is getting in a dark place I mean she was thinking about killing Diaz. I believe the real question is would she have pulled the trigger if Laurel never showed up. Me personally she had the fire, but I think Felicity would never pull that trigger. Then again I could be wrong

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Oliver gets suspicion about Stanley. That dude could have lied to Oliver about everything you can’t believe everything that he says. He probably did some shady stuff while you were gone which would probably be wrong. I think Stanley is hiding something and someone needs to find out

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The team catches Diaz. I think that capture is not going to last because he will escape it is too early and a way to easy. Diaz has deep pockets so he will be free in time or next episode

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Theories: Okay I believe that Diaz is not going to last for the whole season because of the Long Bow Hunters. Yes, they rolled with Diaz in the comics, but they were always their little group of villains. We also did not get enough scenes with them which will not be till the back half

P.S Felicity is not dead, and the future and her becoming a villain is bull the writers need to fix that future