Arrow 7x07 The Slabside Redemption

Wow what an awesome episode an all you Arrow fanatics agree with me also let's get into these moments

Diaz breaks inside the prison. First of all, how is Diaz able to break into a federal prison. His pockets cannot be that deep. Diaz is a thug who should have a meager budget. I find that sad that he broke into the prison to get to Oliver. That just stuck with me during the whole episode. Oliver’s last few hours was supposed to be peaceful but dam he was only in hell.

Arrow 708 1.gif

Stanley is crazy. Never trust people who claim that they are good. Or is the saying you know what they say about the crazy ones. I always knew there was something wrong with that character he may seem normal, but that dude has a disorder or something. It’s new people that they introduced to the show turns out to be a psycho villain. Stanley is going to show up again it may not be next episode, but in the back half of the season he is just going to bite Oliver in his butt

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Oliver takes on the whole prison. This episode was fantastic with the fight scenes. James Ban-ford himself with the stunts in this episode. I was pretty much scared for Oliver the whole time because every time he was punched I could have sworn I heard something cracked. After the day that Oliver had, I would be relieved that it was over too

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Oliver teams up with Bronze Tiger. I like that Oliver was not alone taking on all of the guards, because in real life you cannot fight a whole prison. It is impossible to do that if you have to save lives in the process. Bronze Tiger helped Oliver in a tough situation, and I loved the advice that he gave him. He was right I don’t think that Oliver has ever stopped and think about it’s not all in black and white

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Oliver stops Diaz. This fight scene was beautiful and all but what could have made it better if you would have killed him. To only make sure that we have no surprises from this Diaz later down the road. But I guess leaving him in a cell works too. Diaz better not break out because I would be mad if he does so if Diaz is off the table for right now then who is the main villain for this season because if you think about it, Diaz wants revenge.

Look who it is!

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Who do you guys think the main villain or villains this season is?