#Arrow 7x08 Unmasked Recap & Review

Okay just to let you guys know I am falling in and out on arrow this season don’t get me wrong it’s good, but it’s just that the flash-forwards do not make any sense.

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Oliver makes his first public appearance. Well, Oliver faces the public you know the ones who let the FBI put Oliver in jail. They were happy when they thought the Green Arrow was him. So, you were happy now you are upset that he abandon you which doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. What I am typing does not make any sense at the moment. A hero without a mask to go out in public is great, but it feels weird because your life is no longer private.

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Oliver reunites with his team. Well, we finally had that moment with the team getting back together. If I were on team arrow, I would snitch on everybody and tell them that nobody was able to help get you out of jail except your wife. Yeah, that’s right I would say it because it’s the truth. But I did like the dynamic with Rene, Dinah, and Oliver later in the episode.

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Oliver meets the new green arrow. Okay, that scene was pretty cool, but can we take a second and talk about the parkour that happened during that scene. My mind was just literally blown by him just climbing stuff and running across a crane rod I think. That scene was epic, but Oliver was just awesome in that scene. Too bad he doesn’t know that is his half-sister. By the way you guys I always knew they were going to do the half-sister thing. I hope they will not mess it up

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Felicity finally shoots someone. I never thought the day would come when she finally actually shoots someone head-on. Instead of closing her eyes to shoot someone which those situations never end well. I was surprised that Oliver was shocked which was kind of weird but then again you would expect someone to change over time when you are apart. I do not like that the writers are trying to separate the characters like they are getting a divorce which is stupid by the way. If you are going to write the characters as a married couple has them work through their problems. Barry and Iris have it right than Oliver and Felicity.

They not only violated Felicity house, but her  tech , she had to shoot him

They not only violated Felicity house, but her tech, she had to shoot him

Oliver finally partners with the police department. I know he has already done it, but this is different because he is not wearing a mask anymore. At least he will not be arrested in the future anymore which is better than him wearing the mask, and the police are chasing him. If you guys could count how many times the cops were chasing Oliver, you will find the number being more than three.

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Seriously, guys, I am excited for this dynamic and where it goes, but I do not want the people of Star City to be needy for Oliver. Only because the City will be like oh my god we need a hero and it is always for the petty stuff like a cat stuck in a tree, bank robbery, someone stole my purse. I do not want to see Oliver doing small petty crimes that the police can handle the city need to learn how to do stuff on their own.

overall I give this episode of 8.5/10.

photos from the episode:

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