#Arrow 7x10 My Name is Emiko Queen

Hi, guys sorry I did not post this review yesterday because I had classes one of the downsides about being in college. You do not have time to write a review. Anyway, welcome back to my little review corner of the Arrow-verse I am trying to come up with a title for myself which I am still working on. Welcome back Arrow fans, and we will discuss the winter premiere of Arrow season 7 episode 10.

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Oliver is working with the police. Now I think I have mentioned this in episode eight review but Oliver is working alongside the police is a good thing because he has been an outlaw to the police on and off each season. Yes, there will be some cops on the force that will disagree with the alliance, and I am glad that the writers portrayed that in the episode. I wish people could accept the help of a vigilante because Oliver cleaned up the city faster than the cops ever did.

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Oliver finds out he has a half-sister. Before I get to that, I loved how they threw shade at Roy and Thea telling the audience that it was not them. I mean that would not make any sense because they are helping Nyssa with the Lazarus Pit. I love how Stephen Amell showed his emotion in this episode because it was shocking. This might be wrong to say, but Oliver’s dad got around well not around as Oliver did way back when, but you know what I mean. Knowing that he has a half-sister is huge news for him because I guess he always thought it was just him and Thea.

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Olicity scenes. I love the Olicity scenes this episode because it shows that Oliver and Felicity are back 100 percent. I mean they are not going to be divided this season instead they will be a force to reckon with is what Beth said. I love that Felicity was able to show her support and comfort her husband during the shocking and painful experience that Oliver is going through. I even enjoyed the whole little jokes she tries to make to cheer him up. That is what I love about these characters because their dynamic is adorable, lovable, and just full of friendship with each other.

Rene joins Emiko on her main mission. Yeah, so Rene has to join Oliver’s half-sister on eliminating the criminal element in Star city. Personally, I do not care for that dynamic but let’s uh foreshadow that I believe they will come romantically involved in the future. This is my opinion of what will happen do whatever you want with it, or you can make fun of it.

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Diggle offers Diaz a deal. Okay, I will be brief because the whole Argus arc is not sitting well with me. The fact that you think you can control Diaz is insane because it is going to backfire, which will lead to the next episode conflict where Curtis does not agree with Lyla and Diggle about putting explosives in the criminal's heads. They are forming some type of new suicide squad which it is stupid but okay. I am all for blowing their heads up because who is going to miss them. Curtis is about to be in hot water in the next episode, so I will be laughing at that because Argus plans go wrong.

Okay, so before I close this off let's talk about the flashforwards. I feel like the bad guy is Rene in the future, so that does not make sense. The flash-forwards does not make any sense to me because they are all over the place so I will not be talking about them until the flash forward episode which should be coming up soon I do not know the date for it yet, But I will let you guys know. I also do not know who the bad guy is this season everyone is all over the place and the writers are changing it up.

Okay, I hope you guys enjoyed this review this is Arrowite signing off. Nope still needs work.