#Arrow 7x11 Past Sins Recap & Review

Hi, Arrowites or arrow fans still working on it. I want suggestions from you guys though. Okay, Arrow season 7 episode 11 let’s get into this.

Oliver and Emiko. Okay, so Oliver finally talks with his sister finally. Too bad she was not too excited to get to know her half-sibling. I am still not for this dynamic personally because I miss Thea and I will always love her and Oliver’s dynamic. I am also happy that in the end, she was able to think about giving Oliver a chance. We all know that Oliver is growing far more than his father ever could. I get that Emiko is angry because of what her father did but do not take it out on Oliver I am does she not know he is a family man. Happy that they will help each other out down the road in this season

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Laurel and Felicity. Okay, let us take a moment and acknowledge that I love Laurel and Felicity because we get to see them become friends because our earth-1 Laurel was not that close to Felicity. I love that the writers are not letting the girls use each other to get what they want. I love that Felicity is accepting and wants to reach out to Laurel. Also, Felicity was supportive of laurel in her time in need when she admits that stuff back on earth two.

Oliver pasts keep coming back. Okay, the whole season one mirrors were excellent during this episode. So what happened was that the bodyguard who was on the raft and got shot had a son. Ironic how the past can bite you in the butt. I felt sorry for Oliver mostly because now was a good time for someone just randomly to show up now. The fact that happened was unexpected to me because the son turned out to be crazy. He blamed Oliver for making his life a living hell. When will people take responsibility for their choices?

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Curtis tricks Diaz. So the whole stimulation thing felt weird to me because it was manipulating the bad guy's mind. For a second I thought Diaz killed Curtis which did not happen for real. I was kind of hoping a little, but it is not because I do not like the character it is just because I believe he has no value this season. Yes, he works he works with Argus, but Curtis is starting to not agree with their methods of dealing with criminals. I mean has Curtis not been paying attention to what Argus has done in the past, of course, they will put the explosive into their necks it is their way. The whole mind manipulation is cool to now that is genius and effective.

Ending scene. So the ending scene of this episode. Apparently, someone is out to get our heroes of Star City. I knew that would happen one day where someone would want to kill them one by one by one. If you think about this guy must be a professional stalker/assassin which is scary and intriguing at the same time. Which will lead us into the next episode for next week which we will see the appearance of that stalker assassin

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