#Arrow 7x12 The Emerald Archer Recap

Hey, Arrow fans what is going on. Let’s get into this review it will be a little short because it was more of a special because I did not have a lot of stuff to react with it.

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Okay, so the episode started with a movie/documentary of Vigilantism which still banned in Star City. Oliver is again trying to prove himself to be a changed man and be more open to what it is like being a Vigilante in Star City. There were clips from different experiences and views of another vigilante, or some would consider hero such as Thea, Sara, Quentin, and our Earth -1 Laurel Lance. I was happy to see those guys again on the show because it is just not the same without them.

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William finally comes home from “boarding school” I will explain the quotation marks later in this review.

Oliver is at home opening up about his life in front of a camera, Felicity and William walk into the house. William is surprised to see a camera crew in his house when he returns. Oliver greets his son for the first time in person since he got out of prison and explained to William that what he was doing is supposed to help his image., The reunion was a little odd and Oliver tell them film crew that he does not want his son apart of the documentary and to turn the camera off.

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There is this new vigilante that hunts other vigilantes but turns out he is a fan of them weirdly. The new vigilante kidnaps the new green arrow ( Oliver sister), for a second I thought the old Oliver would come out, but he was level headed and worked with SCPD and ARGUS to help find his sister. They found he injured and she told Oliver the new Vigilante is coming for him.

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Team Arrow is back together and is working to take down this Vigilante. At first, Oliver is against the idea of getting the team back together as they could all get arrested because of the anti-vigilante law. However, Diggle insisted that it was the right thing to do as he had done the same for them without their permission. I think the team was a little out of shape, but together they still manage to defeat the new Vigilante, by lowering at an event that the Mayor was held and keep the Anti-Vigilante law going and prove to the city that Oliver is no hero.

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Meanwhile, Felicity and William but heads as William seen to be upset because Felicity sent him away. First I don’t care if you are angry with the president that is your mom or stepmom it does not matter because she is still a parent. Felicity needs to step it up with and let him understand that it is not all about him. After William left the house and came back, Felicity confronts him, and William reveals that he got expelled for boarding school.

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Finally, after team Arrow was arrested, Dinah decides to quit to save her friends, but after revealing to the mayor that she was the Black Canary after saving her life, she decided to give everyone on team arrow a badge. Also, the thing seems to be moving along with Renea, and he might have some romance in is future. I refuse to talk about the flash forward because I hate it.

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That's it for this week's recap; Overall I would give this episode an 8/10.