#Arrow 7x14 Brothers And Sisters Recap & Review

Hello, Arrow fans I am sorry this review is late I have been busy lately. Sad news arrow ends after eight seasons, and there will be ten episodes in the fall. My prediction is, Oliver Queen is going to die in the next crossover. You guys can get mad if you want, but it’s done. I am hoping that I am wrong, but in reality, I am not. My advice to you is to have a tissue box next season. It has been a good run with the show, and I will miss it dearly. Congrats to all the actors and I hope wherever they end up in their careers they will be successful in the next roles they play.

Oliver wants to get closer to Emiko. Still, do not like the whole these two trying to bond because I feel like Thea is being replaced. I already knew that Oliver would try to come in and take over. Oliver just wanted to get to know Emiko and have a relationship with his sister. Oliver wants to prove to her that he is not his father so that Emiko can trust him. With the new brother and sister dynamic, it is okay for me to watch I am still getting used to it.

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Felicity and laurel, I love the felicity and laurel friendship this season so far. I called it that Laurel would find out that Felicity is pregnant before Oliver. I find it funny that she noticed the lack of wine in the house and Oliver does not. How come Oliver never noticed the lack of wine in the house and Felicity loves wine. I also liked that Laurel was able to talk felicity out of killing Diaz because Felicity is stronger than she thinks. Just the whole female emotional support she gave her was the highlight of why I love their scenes.

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Olicity scenes, I loved how Oliver showed his support to Felicity which was adorable by the way. I thought during the scene where Oliver tells Felicity he was going on the mission with Diggle that he knew she was pregnant. It turns out I was wrong he stated that she wanted to kill Diaz and I thought we were going to give another lecture. I love his response to her that I will have your back no matter what. Can You guys agree with relationship goals the fact that they will fight together and remain united no matter what choice they make?

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OTA. Yeah, I expected them to have a good scene together since Oliver got out of prison. The scene was kind of stupid because Diggle thinks that using this ghost initiative will help save the world. I believe that the whole Argus story arc is not on point this season. I am happy that Diggle is not working with the government anymore. I did understand that they needed to address that there is still a little tension between Diggle and Felicity when it comes to, but I am happy they made up for it.

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Flash-forwards. I still think that they do not make any sense to me because no one else knows about Felicity and Oliver has a child. The whole parents abandon excuses thing does not hold water for me. I can not stand them saying we will explain in a future episode. It makes no sense that she did not know that Connor is Diggle's son, William is her brother, Dinah and Roy do not know her, and why she hates vigilantes when her father is one.

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Okay, you Arrow fans I will end it all here.

Tell me your thoughts on the show coming to an end.

Tell me your thoughts on Emiko, will she have a change of heart now that she had met and worked with Oliver?

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