Arrow 7x15 Training Day Recap

Hi Arrow Fans I would like to apologize, that this review is super late I was working on my papers for school and catching up on shows I forgot I am in charge of the recaps and reviews. Again I am so sorry about this please forgive me I feel like I let the fandom down and I do love writing reviews for Arrow it is where I can have people appreciate my writing and what I think each week.

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Oliver and the team go back to school. It’s funny because the team does not need to work in the police department. We all know that they are all too advanced for working with the police anyway. Honestly, I do not like the storyline of the episode. I do like that it gets better at the end which I will talk about that later. It was funny how the team went back to school to learn how to be vigilantes by the law, which I will say again a very not so great idea in this episode.

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Olicity. I do love Oliver and Felicity in this episode; they were like a power couple. It was cute that we were able to see them talk about the baby and what type of future they wanted for their children. Also, they were able to talk about baby names for their kid which we all know it’s a girl. What got me was Diggle’s reaction to the baby news he was happy for them. Of course, Diggle would be happy for his friends, Diggle is Olicity number one shipper.

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Diaz is no more/ Emiko?. So I am still happy that Diaz is gone say what you will but I never liked Diaz. He was starting to get on my nerves, and the character had no purpose after Oliver kicking the crap out of him in jail. Diaz character had no right to be there after that anyway. So we found out that Emiko Killed Diaz which makes no sense because what purpose would she have to kill Diaz. I do agree that she is no hero and her character comes and goes which leaves me no time for her to grow on me or have character development. The real question is why did she kill Diaz? Even though Diaz had it coming to him, the fact that Emiko walked inside the prison like it was nothing. I find that funny "slabeside has a security problem."


Oliver and the team are back in business. I was happy towards the end of the episode because Team Arrow is back and better than ever. I could not stand them working for the police because that was not working at all. I am glad that the vigilante task force is down and they can finally operate the way they always do. The Arrow way is better than the lousy way/police way/ law way. You guys get what I am trying to say with the arrow way vs. the police. Team Arrow is back and stronger than ever minus Curtis who we will never see again.

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Okay, Arrow Fans Normally I would have Five top moments, but I could not think of a fifth. I hope you guys like this review. Next episode will be emotional for you guys so get tissues.

Everyone have a lovely night/ morning and let me know what you think