Arrow 7x17 Inheritance Recap & Review

Hello, Arrow fans sorry that this review is late but I was filming yesterday, and I did not have time to write. This episode was okay to me, but not all the way there and the ending made no sense.

Oliver and Emiko talk about the past. Sorry but that scene was brief in the beginning but later became something more with Emiko due to Dante. Yeah, Emiko is very concise about her past because she is hiding a lot of crap. Honestly, I do not like the character anyway because she is way late at the end of the show. They need to like write her off or something because if I found out I had a half-sibling, I would tell them about myself to get them to open up let them know that it is a safe environment.

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Laurel tells Oliver that Emiko kills Diaz. Okay, I was hoping that she would tell Felicity and not Oliver, but I guess you take what you can get. Oliver is a little bit protective and not listening to Laurel about Diaz, and I was somewhat upset about it because Emiko is not that innocent and your sister oh excuses me half-sister does not get a free pass because she was abandoned as a child. Let us all be honest we all loved her for killing Diaz, but something shady is going on with Oliver’s sister sadly we found out plus already knew that the writers would do that for her character. I’ll explain that in a minute

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Laurel is having a hard time. Yeah, I feel sorry for Laurel because she worked so hard trying to be the better person for herself. It is sad that Dinah and the rest of the team except for Felicity are having a hard time to believe that she has changed and come a long way. Now I am nervous for next episode because they are having Laurel go rogue all because of Emiko. What was the point of the redemption arc if you are going to have that character go down a dark path again? The only reason why she is doing it because of Emiko, now Laurel is wrestling with the media in the next episode. I feel like the only person who might defend her would be Felicity because they are friends and who helped each other out better than the team helped out Felicity

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Circle. Okay, I do not know much about the ninth circle, but I do know that they are the bad guys for the rest of this short season that will continue April 15. There is not much I can say about this except I think on the show they say that they have been around for over a decade. What are we dealing with here another league of assassins? But for real who is pulling strings in this organization because it cannot be just Dante?

Emiko is part of the Ninth Circle, and she may have killed her father. So, yeah Emiko is part of the ninth circle shocker right? I knew she was going to be shady when the writers introduced her. So is anyone having Andy flashbacks right now because this is an Andy situation? I know how to deal with this problem( Take out the trash). Yes I mean it we have to get rid of Oliver’s sister because she is going to be a thorn in our side from here on out.

Emiko and Dante have got to go, and they better not extend this to season eight because I will be mad. Another thing that happened was the ending flashback now I have a terrible feeling, did Emiko killed her dad and tried to kill Oliver on purpose? If she did let’s all agree that there is something very wrong with her

Overall I would give this episode a 7/10, I would go lower but , it’s my show and I love it.

Okay, Arrow fans let me know what you think about Emiko. Should Emiko be redeemed or killed?