Arrow 7x18 Lost Canary Recap & Review

Welcome back Arrow fans can you believe that the show is almost over. I will give this episode a 9/10 for me. Honestly, I do not have any actual rating for this episode. I feel as though it is one of my favorite episodes of the season because it was an episode with just the females and it has been a while since we have had that like season 2. Okay let’s get into this review

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Laurel is going rogue. I blame Oliver’s dumb sister for that because Laurel worked her butt off for trying to be a good citizen. No one believed her except for Felicity, which I will talk about later. The fight scene, in the beginning, was fa-nominal, I love the camera work in this episode because Laurel just went in their gun blazing and took out those guys without breaking a sweat. I understand if I was in Laurel shoes of trying to be the good guy but when someone comes along and mess you over, and you’re like screw this. No one believes in me, so I am just going to go back to my old ways.

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Dinah is annoying. Okay, I love the actress; it’s just I do not like her character from time-to-time. She made me mad when she said Laurel will always be Black Siren. That was uncalled for, and I am happy that Felicity pointed out that Dinah was not a saint either. The only reason why she was not surprise about Laurel going bad is that she killed Vincent. When she did bring that up, I was like let it go the man is dead. He was supposed to stay dead but then he came back to die again. Dinah let it go it’s been almost a whole year you’re still morning the guy. I was happy that she apologizes in the end to Laurel about being wrong.

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Sara returns. Okay, I believe my favorite moment in the episode was when Sara came in. I thought that was a badass entrance. I love the scene that she has with Felicity where she tells her why she wants to save Laurel. Sara’s reaction to how she is missing everything that goes on is priceless. I also love that Caity and Katie finally got what they wanted and that was for their characters to face off with each other. Their little fight scene was great; it is always a treat to see them on screen together because it has been a while. I love the grave scene with Sara and Black Siren because it just brings that little sister feel even though they are not each other’s sisters but in a way.

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Felicity is not giving up on Laurel. I love that Felicity supports Laurel even if everyone else believes that she is still the villain. I love where Felicity explains to Dinah that we need to be a support system. It is refreshing that Felicity feels for Laurel as a friend she cares about her. Felicity was willing to risk her well being to bring Laurel back from the edge. We all know that was crazy, but Felicity came out like a champ. I am going to miss that dynamic because Laurel decided to go back to earth two and Felicity is like heartbroken because that is her only friend. I am happy that Felicity gave Laurel their earth one Laurel’s Black Canary suit because she believes that Laurel will be worthy of it.

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Birds of Justice, Okay I love that fight scene towards the end of the episode. It felt like a Birds Of Prey feel you know minus Batgirl and Huntress. I love the walk at the end as them you know just saying we are badass and we look good in our suits. Yeah with Laurel, Sara, and Dinah all working together and kicking ass was the highlight of the episode. I just loved this episode because it was paying tribute to Laurel and her redemption arc. Like Sara said; “Redemption is a Journey.” I love that the writers are letting her take that step the sad part is we will never see it on screen.

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Various things in the episode are where Oliver and Diggle find out that the ninth circle killed Emiko’s mother. That was no surprise the whole fandom knew that was going to happen anyway. The flash-forward in this episode was brief, but Mia wants to do things alone. Which we all know that was not going to end well because she was about to die. Laurel comes to the rescue and saves Mia and gives her advice about having a long way to go on being a hero and don’t screw it up. Honestly, that was my favorite line in the episode for her. Anyway, that is all for now until next time Quiver girl is signing off.

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P.S. should I keep that little nickname I gave to myself let me know what you guys think?