Arrow 7x19 Spartan Recap and Review

Good evening Arrow Fans what is up I will give this episode an 8/10 because it did not give me high expectations for this episode except the comic book Easter egg.

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Diggle asks his dad for help. Wow, so this episode was an origin episode for Diggle's life and how he came to be. It was refreshing to learn about Diggle’s past. So does that mean that Diggle is the green lantern in disguise? He did not take the last name of his stepfather. I was happy that his stepdad just wanted to protect Diggle and he loves Diggle in his way. I am so glad that Diggle learned the truth about his birth father. The fact that General Stewart was an actual hero who got a lot of promotions and rewards.

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Oliver and Emiko. I cannot stand Emiko right now. The promo for the next episode is stupid too I cannot stand it. Like we tell you that Dante killed your mother and you still want to destroy the city. Can we like kill Emiko off right now because this character is not holding a lot of water. I do not understand what Oliver’s sister wants or gains from all of this. I am happy that Oliver realizes that Emiko is beyond help or redemption. Emiko does not need redemption especially for what she does in the next episode and the next after that.

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Flash-forwards. So in the future, Connor Hawk and Mia find a device so Felicity can access the archery program. We find out that JJ and Conor Hawk are friends/brothers. I did not catch onto that, in the beginning, my apologies. I find it very sad that JJ hates his parents is he still going through a rebellious teenage phase in the future. If he is I am going to need Diggle and Lyla to come back and beat his butt. Connor and Mia have a small moment while getting out of death stroke territory. I thought he was going to kiss her because I was like this is not the time or place. Mia finally forgives Connor for lying which is about time. I was wondering how long she was going to hold that over her head

Felicity’s Legacy. I was kind of sad that Felicity thought archer was going to make a mark on the world. We all know that Felicity Smoak can change the world all on her own. I made love that Alena was able to help her see that. I wish that her legacy was brighter in the future instead of archer messing it up.

Sincerely do not like the Tony Stark moment she pulled. I feel like her character is about to come to her final chapter in the next two episodes theory. I only have one opinion about this episode, and that is with Felicity’s friend Alena.

I believe that she advanced archer in the future. It makes senses if you think about it. Since she saved archer from being permanently deleted so she can rebuild it. I would not be surprised that she upgraded it and it fell into the wrong hands

Thanks, arrow fans for reading this review. My boy Roy is returning so I cannot wait for that episode.