Arrow 7x20 Confessions Recap & Review

Hey, Arrow fans we have only two episodes left for this season. I want Oliver to beat the crap out of Emiko, or she can just get killed off. What she is doing makes no sense. This episode is a 7 out of 10. I mean it was a good episode, but just a tad bit annoying because of the interrogations.

Team arrow gets interrogated. Yeah, so I did not like that because all of them had to go back and forth with each other while Dinah was grilling them. What I find stupid is that she was there when it happened. I get that they all had to lie during the interrogations but come on Dinah did not have to go all hardball on the team. That cop was starting to get on my nerves because he hates vigilantes and I cannot stand it. He wanted them to be guilty so that they can rot in a cell. If I were there, I would be like a man if we were to back off and let the police handle it we would all be dead. As a matter of fact, let’s see how far the city can go without vigilantes. The whole interrogation sessions with all of them were intense and then Dinah playing both sides. I know she was acting, but it was not good for her character to play both sides.

Arrow 720 3.gif

Roy returns. I am so happy that my man Roy Harper is back. I love that character. It was kind of sad to see him go in season three, but I am happy that the writers were able to bring him back. I knew we would eventually see him in the present day I got tired of seeing Old man Roy who still looks the same. I was, on the other hand, disappointed that Thea did not come back with them but okay writers I understand. I love the little moments that Roy had with OTA. I love my original arrow gang back together at last. And the good news is that he will be in the previous two episodes which is fantastic. If you guys are Roy Harper fans, you are going to love this. I am glad that he came back to help with the Emiko problem.

The team covers for Roy. I am happy that Oliver was able to cover for Roy because he knew that it was not Roy. I did not want to see Roy and any of the others locked up. Well, Renee should be locked up for being a snitch. I love that Oliver told Roy that he never has to ask him to do anything. To Oliver, Roy is a member of the family and a great friend, and there is nothing Oliver would not do for him. Oliver knows that Roy sacrificed so much for him when Lance was hunting him. Oliver does not want Roy to throw his life away now that he is with Thea. I did not like that Dinah and Renee question what they did. I will be like Dinah if I say we are going to protect Roy there is no question for my decision to do it. Even if Renee and Dinah did not agree, Felicity, Diggle, and Oliver would have found a way without there help. Roy has been part of the team since the beginning you guys only been there for what like three years.

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Roy has blood lust. Okay, I already knew that something happened to Roy because they hint the blood lust in a flash forwards. I already knew that Roy was the one who killed the guards before the episode premiered. I wish Thea asked Roy’s permission to be resurrected but stubbornness/ selfless runs in the Queen family. I guess you can say she did not have time since he was pretty much dead. I hope that soon he can control it and not lash out. In the future, he does not trust himself which is why he goes back to Lian Yu,

Emiko admits to killing her father. Well, we as in the audience already know that, but the characters do not. Oliver’s face when she told him that and the fact that she wants him to suffer just like she did. So killing your brother who is nothing like his father will bring justice to your dead mom. Writers do this make any sense for this character to kill the person responsible and in the end, kill a family member’s legacy who has nothing to do with it. This villain for Arrow this seasons makes no sense, and it sucks. Someone needs to bring back Diaz because I would rather have him than Emiko. Yeah, I said it, at least Diaz made sense than Emiko because it’s like she is killing without a cause.

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What do you guys think of this episode? Do you guys agree about Emiko? Let me know in the comments.