Arrow 7x21 Living Proof Recap

Hello, Arrow Fans I apologize for the review being late. I was finishing my first semester of college. The good news is I completed this semester. The review for the finale will be posted on Tuesday because I cannot watch it live on Monday. Only because I keep missing it when it comes on at 9, I Know silly right. I will rate this episode an 8 out of 10.

1.Oliver and Tommy.

I love that Colin Donnell was able to return for this episode. I already knew that Oliver was imaging Tommy because Oliver is knocked out. The scenes were great because Tommy was acting as Oliver’s therapist. My favorite line that Tommy said is that; You need to end your father’s cycle of violence. I wanted Oliver to kill Emiko a little bit only because she tried to kill the Team, her brother, and I am pretty sure she killed her father. It was nice that Tommy convinced Oliver not to do it because he needs to be a better person and show Emiko the best parts of himself.

arrow 721 2.gif

2. Team Arrow tries to rescue Oliver. Okay,

the whole trying to save Oliver process of what the Team was doing was a little bit of arguing. They were arguing over Roy because everything that they worked for is gone. I was mad because it was not Roy’s fault and I could not stand Dinah saying that it is his fault and Renee. Then the writers try to fix it by giving Roy and Dinah. While the Team ran into a difficult situation with a gas leak trying to get Oliver the only way to do it was to go through the gas. At least Roy was able to do a dangerous thing to save Oliver. Roy had a whatever it takes a moment and let’s all be honest there was probably no other way. I found it pretty stupid that the Team was saying don’t do it and starting to cry. First of all, I was like you people are so dramatic like you say don’t do it and yet you are doing nothing to stop him. When they saw Oliver someone should have said Roy did all the work we did nothing but cry because we thought he committed suicide.

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3. Felicity tells Emiko she is pregnant.

They are sitting up the character to leave the show because one of Oliver’s enemies knows about his child. Felicity feels as though she is a terrible mother and came to her senses that her child will be in danger. It is funny because the kid was always in danger if she stayed. I will miss her character for next season because I fell in love with the show more with Felicity.

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4. William mad at Felicity.

I was crazy that William thought Felicity and Oliver did not fight for him. It was stupid I did not understand why the writers wrote what they did, I mean if I were Felicity I would have told William we asked you what you wanted, and you wanted to live with your grandparents. Then William got kidnapped at the end of the episode and gave away the secret hideout of Felicity and the Team. I was so mad he could have listened to Mia and get closure but know he was too mad and wanted to prove he could do things himself. If I were with him I would tell William; Congrats we are going to die because you refused to listen to your mother.

Okay, Arrow fans I usually I would have five, but today it is four I cannot talk about much I feel I did not have much to say about the episode. I was happy to see Tommy in more than one scene. I am excited about the season finale because I want to know what decision is Emiko going to make with Oliver. I hope you guys enjoyed my writing for this season. I tried to be funny and a little bit exciting.