Arrow 7x22 You have saved this city

What’s up, Arrow fans the finale was awesome I am still in tears. This is the first time that Arrow made me cry sadly to say it took them seven years to do that. This episode is a 10 out of 10 for me maybe because the finale felt like a series finale. I hope the writers do not slack.

1. Team arrow tries to stop the virus. So yeah does anyone have flashbacks to season 3 on this episode. I mean this season was a poisonous gas and season 3 was a virus that killed a lot of people in Hong Kong. I did not like the fact that the whole City turned against Oliver and his team. I did love that the team was able to get back up at the beginning of the episode. It was just good to see a few people again. I love that Laurel, Curtis, and Bronze Tiger came back. We can all agree that Emiko’s plan was a bit crazy because it had no meaning. The team stops the gas from spreading even though there were a few causalities. It did not stop there, knowing that Oliver’s crazy sister has a backup plan.

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2. Oliver convinces Emiko to end the cycle of violence. So yeah the fight scene between them was super short. Emiko was going on how she was going to make Oliver suffer as she did. Oliver is telling Emiko that he wanted to kill her because she started that cycle of violence when she let their father die. If you guys think about it, I feel as though we should be thanking Emiko because she did help create Oliver and If he were never the hood, then Malcolm would have leveled the glades. I do agree that everything that happened was Emiko’s fault, so there is that. Yeah, so Emiko helps Oliver in the end you know last minute redemption for the character. She had many opportunities to redeem herself, but no she wanted to be a jerk (You guys know I mean the other word, but I do not know if I am allowed to curse a whole lot during this public review). So there were these random characters that came out of nowhere and Oliver and Emiko team up to take out some of the ninth circle members. Then Emiko dies and tells Oliver you have to leave star city.

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3. Team Arrow says goodbye. Well, not Team Arrow, just Oliver and Felicity, say goodbye to the team. Oliver has to keep Felicity and the baby safe, so they have to leave star city. It was an emotional scene it felt like a series finale. We found out Curtis is getting married again with that cop he has been dating since last season. The team comes up with the Mark of four based off of the four pillars of heroism. It was a good scene between all of them because they made a promise that no matter what we will come to each other when we are in trouble. This goodbye scene was sad to see because it is the end of an era or a new beginning.

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4. Flashforwards. Yeah, there is not a lot that happens, but in the future, we found proof that Oliver did die. That did not surprise me; we all knew he was going to die. The old team passes off the torch to the new heroes. In a way, the Flashforwards were letting us know that Oliver’s legacy will not die with him, but it will live on through his kids and other heroes. I felt that it was a top off for the whole season with it ending in the Fall. The old team decides to take the Fall for everything that happened with the archer program. Now that they are fugitives, which is not new for any of them. They were glad to take that sacrifice because they knew that the City is in great hands.

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5. Crisis. So the Monitor tells Oliver he is going to die. Let me say again I was not surprised about Oliver dying in crisis. It was an emotional scene for Olicity fans because it was a goodbye for Felicity’s character, and I cried because she can not have a happy life with her husband. I was mad because Oliver only had a happy ending for probably five months. The fact that everything is leading to this epic crossover is insane and exciting at the same time. I love the end where Felicity was ready to see Oliver because she promised him that she would find him again. In a way, they killed Felicity because the Monitor took him where no one else can go. I feel as though her character was ready to accept the end because there is no purpose for her to be there anymore.

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Okay, Arrow Fans it has been fun writing each review slash reaction with you guys for this season. Arrow is ending in Fall 2019 I have to say it has been a ride watching this show because I was a fan of the flash first before I got into this whole universe and I found a way to be myself as a person while watching these shows. I will be a sophomore in college when this show ends. I remember watching this show while I was in middle school, and it was fun. We still have unanswered questions though; 1. Where is Oliver? 2. How did Roy get on the Island? 3. What happened with Diggle in the Future? 4. Will we have a villain next season?. Heads up stay tune for everyone’s finales this week and next week because I think everyone is teasing the crossover because it cannot be just Arrow. Thank you