#Arrow Season 8 Episode 01 "Starling City" REcap

Hey, what’s up arrow fans I am back writing for the show. I am very sad and excited because this is the last season of Arrow. I would like to get a few things out of the way before I review it. I apologize for not doing a full-on recap of season 7, did not have the time college classes are a pain. I am afraid you guys would have to read them from episode to episode. Also, I would like to express that this show has got me through my high school years, this show helped me escape when I was having problems in school. It was a great distraction for me and the characters from the show inspired me that no matter how bad your day gets, in the end, you are stronger for it. Okay I am trying not to get emotional but let’s get in this finale season shall we

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Alternate opening. So, If anybody saw the beginning of the episode Oliver is on Lian Yu. I thought it was time travel until Oliver’s hair as the present version. This was exciting because this version of Oliver was dead for 15 years. A lot of it mirrored to season 1 or an ode to it. Tommy, Moria, and Malcolm came back which was cool. Oliver’s facial expression when Malcolm and Moria were married. When he found out Thea died I felt his pain because he has not seen Thea in a while. That alternate opening was like cool and unexpected.

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Oliver meets Laurel and the new Green Arrow. So while Oliver was stealing from applied sciences division, he runs into Laurel and the new Green Arrow which to our surprise is Adrian Chase. He then follows them to the bunker and Laurel wants to know what he is doing here. Oliver’s facial expression while in Laurel’s bunker is just priceless because I think he is still processing that Adrian Chase is a good guy.

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Oliver reunites with Diggle. Oliver was so happy when he saw Digg, but in his mind, he thought that it was just another version of Diggle not his Diggle (Earth-1), While Oliver was in the car he tried to jump out and Diggle said, “fooled me once”. Oliver’s face was in shock like he was thinking how did you know I was here. Oliver revealed to Diggle that he dies in the Crisis. Diggle refuses to accept that and wants to help, but Oliver does not want his friend going on this dangerous mission with him.

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Tommy is Dark Archer/ Oliver gets kidnapped. Oliver confronts Malcolm thinking he is the Dark Archer of Earth 2 but then the real Dark Archer comes in and fights Oliver. Oliver wins and removes the mask to reveal Tommy which I already called before the season premiered. Soon after that Oliver goes and follows Tommy only to figure out that Tommy knew that Oliver was the green hood and kidnapped them with the help of Dinah and Rene. Oliver wakes up in the same room as in season one when Malcolm captured him. Oliver frees himself after Tommy leaves and then Diggle shows up and rescues Oliver. Then Oliver agrees to let Diggle help him with his mission for the Monitor.

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Oliver vs Tommy/ Earth-2 disappearing. Okay, so Oliver and Diggle suit up with Laurel and Adrian to stop Tommy’s undertaking. Oliver faces off with Tommy which the whole fight sequence was a flashback to season one. In the end, Oliver convinces Tommy that he was still a good man. Tommy turns off the device and turns himself over to the police. Oliver and Diggle say goodbye to Laurel and Adrian, Oliver told Diggle he wants to do one more thing before he leaves. Oliver shares another heartfelt scene with Tommy and said goodbye to his mother. As Oliver and Diggle get ready to leave Laurel comes and says the city is under attack. All of a sudden everything starts to fade into white (anybody getting infinity war flashbacks). Oliver sees his mother and Tommy die again and he takes Laurel leading them to safety with Cisco’s extractor.

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Okay, I would give this episode a 9/10 only because I am still bitter that Emily Bett Richards who plays Felicity Smoak will not be in this season. I understand why she left but it still hurts because the show feels wired without her. Another thing the Flashforwards I believe are going to be super short this season. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and get some tissues for each episode. One down nine to go