#Arrow episode 5x20 "Underneath" Recap & Review

Olicity fans: rejoice! This was definitely the episode for you! 

We pick up right where we left off the last episode with Oliver and Felicity in the Arrow Cave when an EMP explodes. This leaves Felicity paralyzed once again. They realize because of the lair's many safeguards, they're trapped with no way for their friends to get them out. As they're trapped, they get to talking....

As this is happening we see a flashback (which allegedly takes place between Seasons 4 and 5) where Curtis sets Oliver and Felicity up to rekindle their romance by leaving them alone with Chinese food and wine. After a few glasses of the latter, a salmon ladder lesson turns into a different kind of physical activity when Felicity announces that she's had a lot to drink and pulls Oliver into a steamy kiss. After their *ahem* exercise is over Felicity declares that it doesn't change anything between them, because Oliver doesn't trust ANYONE. She makes it clear that she loves him, but she can't settle for anything less than his full trust. 

Cut back to the present, Oliver, after dealing with 3 explosions, a huge fall, getting stabbed by a bolt and inhaling A LOT of methane, tells Felicity about everything Chase did to him. He tells her that a part of him enjoys the killing that's been such a huge part of his mission. THAT he explains to her, is what led him to not back her play with Helix. 

After Team Arrow rescues them Felicity and Oliver have a conversation where they apologize to each other and talk a little more about what they said while trapped in the Arrow Cave. 

The end of the episode is probably the most interesting part of the entire hour; Chase has tracked down Oliver's son William! The episode ends with "I knew your father, and he knew mine."

Great ep! Rate: 7

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