#Arrow 5x21 "Honor Thy Fathers" Recap & Review

The episode opens with Lance and Oliver having a conversation about Chase at the Office when a security guard tells Oliver he has to leave the building because they've received a suspicious package. Oliver ignores their advice to wait for the bomb squad and opens the package, which has a human skeleton in it.

Dinah pulls DNA evidence and tells them the skeleton is the remains of a councilman who was killed in the Glades. 

As they try to figure out who did it, Oliver asks Felicity how her search for William is going. Apparently, he's been trying to make sure his son is safe from Chase. (Ironic considering Chase has already found him.) 

In a flashback, Bratva Oliver flies back to Lian Yu, asking Anatoli to understand. He stays to help Oliver on the island, and Oliver asks him to make sure a boat is on the coast to find him and bring him home as a "refugee" in exactly 48 hours. 

Back in the mayor's office, Olivers meeting about the package is interrupted when Thea (FINALLY) returns. Oliver asks if she's been with Roy and Thea replied she couldn't see him in the state she's in and that she's still trying to figure herself out. Lance interrupts to tell Oliver that his father, Robert Queen, killed the man who's skeleton was delivered to his office that morning. DNA evidence under the skeleton's fingers matches Robert Queen's. Oliver pays a visit to the lawyer who was the last person to see the dead man alive, but he has nothing to say. He does, however, give Oliver a thumb drive which he says Chase told me to give it to Oliver. It shows incriminating security footage of Robert and the councilman getting into a fight where the councilman trips into a vat of concrete mix, which Robert Queen clearly covered up. 

Elsewhere, Rene asks Lance to show up for moral support at his court date to get his daughter back-awe! But Rene ended up being a no-show......

Back in the cave, Felicity tells Dig she got a potential location on Chase based on the concrete the skeleton was delivered. Dig, and Oliver meet there, and after falling into a trap door-like opening in the floor (Um, Scooby Doo anyone?) concrete starts pouring into the room, Chase is trying to bury them alive. Thankfully Dinah and Curtis turn up in time to save Oliver and Dig from being turned into statues. 

Oliver, later on, shows Thea a video their father made for her years ago where he urges her to be the stronger one for Oliver's sake. After the video, Olive tells Thea that their parents would both be happy if they just led their lives. 

Team Arrow meanwhile put a stop to Derek Sampson's plan to recreate and supercharge the weaponized tuberculosis weapon Chase's father tried to create years ago. GA and Prometheus get into a huge Arrow-esque battle which ends with Oliver telling Chase that Jason Claybourne was meeting with his lawyer to disown his son-Adrian!- because he's insane! A heartbroken Prometheus surrenders and Oliver takes him to an ARGUS holding cell, since he's back on the no-killing wagon, clearly. From his cell he watches Oliver give a press speech about his father's case and Robert's Legacy and making Star City safe for children, etc. Which begs the question, Where is William?! We cut on Chases' smug grin from inside his ARGUS cell. 

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