#Arrow S5 Ep 15 "Fighting Fire with Fire" Recap & Review

This episode of Arrow contained the big reveal of Prometheus's identity. With the fact that Oliver and Adrian covered up the circumstances of Billy Malone's death brought into the light, Oliver's administration is under threat. Knowing that Prometheus must have been the one to reveal the truth to the press, Oliver decides to face the court hearing and plead his case. Things only get worse when Vigilante attacks Oliver, Lance, and Thea when they are leaving the mayor's office. Luckily, Dinah is able to defeat Vigilante and he escapes. 

As Oliver and Adrian go through the hearing, Curtis manages to complete his T-Spheres which help the team track Vigilante. Behind the scenes, Vigilante goes after Oliver again but is intercepted by Prometheus. The two have a quick battle, which ends with Prometheus kicking Vigilante off a building. This is followed by the season's biggest reveal. Prometheus removed his hood, revealing that he is actually Adrian Chase. 

Oliver suspects that he will lose the trial and learns that to save himself, he has to throw the Green Arrow under the bus. When Oliver gathers the press outside of City Hall, Vigilante gets ready to assassinate him. Luckily, Mr. Terrific, Wilddog, and Spartan fight off the gunman and keep Oliver safe. Oliver reveals to the press that he covered up the death of Detective Malone and that the Green Arrow indeed murdered him. With the public impressed with their mayor's transparency, Oliver keeps his position as mayor. Oliver is also able to reconcile with Susan Williams, who was cleared of the fraud allegations that Thea framed her to protect Oliver's secret. 

The episode ends with Susan approaching her car and Adrian meeting her, as Prometheus's theme plays in the background.

The episode concludes

This episode was really good. The big news was the reveal that Adrian was Prometheus. Upon first watching this episode, I wasn't thrilled with this reveal, wanting Adrian to be Vigilante. When I found out that that the parallel's between Vigilante and Adrian were intentional. Though there are a few people who take up the mantle of Vigilante in the comics, Adrian is the most known. Upon further research, I learned that, in the comics, Adrian's brother Dorian takes up the mantle of Vigilante. What a cool twist that would be. Each brother goes after what they view as corruption in their own ways. These methods put them at odds with each other at times. It would be a really cool twist.

Another cool aspect of this episode was the fact that we finally get see T-Sphere's in action. These are the essential pieces of Mr. Terrific's arsenal and it is great to see them on the show. Dinah and Renee also had some cool action scenes in the episode and both characters are getting comfortable being on the team. All in all, it was a great episode.

Overall Rating: 9.0


-With the Prometheus reveal, who is Vigilante?

-How will this affect the remainder of the season?

-How will Talia fit into the present storyline, having trained both Prometheus and Green Arrow?