#Arrow 5x08 "Invasion" Recap & Review #CDWeek #CWCorssover

This week's Arrow continues where The Flash leaves off. Oliver, Diggle, Sara, Ray, and Thea find themselves prisoners of the Dominators. They find themselves in a near perfect world where various tragedies never occurred in their lives. Though Oliver is enjoying his time in this reality, he begins to get flashes of his real life, which has been suppressed from his memory. He starts to doubt his reality and seek out the bow-wielding vigilante who saved him and his father from a mugger. He finds the Arrow cave and discovers that Felicity and Diggle are working together. Diggle is The Hood and is dismissive and antagonistic toward Oliver.

Soon, the others begin to regain their memories and the five end up meeting up to figure out what to do. Sara and Oliver discover that the simulation they are in has safeguards to keep them imprisoned. These safeguards take the form of their past villains. Oliver and Diggle are attacked by Deathstroke, who is killed by Sara, remembering her training. They find Ray who is having the same memory recall and decide to investigate the Smoak Technologies building, which none of them recall ever existing. 

As they go to leave, Thea decides to stay behind, not wanting to lose her family again. Oliver tries to convince her to go with them but ultimately lets her stay. Outside of the Queen mansion, the group finds Damian Darhk, Deathstroke, Merlyn, and some thugs waiting for them. Thea joins Oliver and company (no pun intended) claiming that Oliver is the family she doesn't want to lose. The two groups conduct a large fight scene, and the villains are all defeated. The team reaches the Smoak building and discover a way out of the simulation.

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The five prisoners wake up on a Dominator ship and try to find a way out. They eventually make their way to a hanger, where they steal a Dominator ship. They are pursued by dozens of other ships and are about to be overtaken when the Waverider appears and saves them. On the Waverider, Nate explains the situation to them, and they discover that the Dominators are nearing completion of a mysterious weapon, which has to do with Earth's metahumans. The poise ends with a large Dominator ship approaching Earth.

Loved ones return for Arrow's 100th epsidoe

Loved ones return for Arrow's 100th epsidoe

This episode was fantastic. It was easily one of, if not the most heart filled episode that Arrow has had. Much like the Flash, there so many praises to sing for this episode. In this episode, the views see Oliver's life as it could have been. The return of Robert and Moira Queen was and emotional experience. Felicity and Ray are engaged and happy. Tommy is alive and working as a doctor out of Chicago. From the look of it, Malcolm isn't the Dark Archer and the Undertaking didn't happen. Thea, Sara, and Quentin are living their lives happily as well. Most noteworthy is the appearance of Laurel Lance. 

All of these appearances made the episode feel warm. I was very much so, a nod to the shows past and everyone who was lost up to this point. Right before Oliver escapes the illusion world, he sees the images Moira, Felicity, Tommy, Roy, and Laurel. That was a powerful encounter and surely tugged at the heart strings of fans of the characters who are not longer in Oliver's life (Felicity is not Oliver's finance and has moved on). 

It was cool to see the recruits, minus Artemis, working with Flash and Supergirl. I was wondering if they were gonna be included in the crossover and it was good to see them. Artemis's absence was not addressed in the episode and didn't make a ton of sense. We learned last week that she was secretly working with Prometheus and having her absent this week is pushing the wedge between her and the rest of the team even deeper. We will have to see how that turns out. 

The team's escape from the Dominator ship was epic, especially with the Waverider and Nate appearing to save the day. The epic conclusion premiere's on Thursday night, and I has promised the most action in the crossover. This crossover has been the thing of Legend, no pun intended, and I hope it does well enough to give the CW the confidence to do it again next year. 

Next week we return to the regular shoe storylines. That means Prometheus, betrayal, fight scenes, and the inevitable cliffhanger that makes us dread the winter break.


-How did you like the episode?

-Who was your favorite guest appearance? 

-Artemis was noticeably absent during the crossover. What do you think her motives are for betraying the team?