#Arrow S3E6 "So It Begins" Recap and Review

Team Arrow

Team Arrow

This week on Arrow we begin a new story arch. Prometheus is roaming Star city and killing its citizens, seemingly at random. Oliver decides to keep the recruits in the dark about Prometheus, at least until they know more about what is going on. He also fears for the safety of the recruits. He and Diggle investigate and turn up with nothing. Felicity visits Billy Malone at SCPD, to try to convince him to give her one of Prometheus's throwing stars so she can test it. He is called away and she takes the one that was on her desk.

Back at the Arrowcave, Felicity can't find anything interesting about the throwing star, but continues to test it. Oliver decides to fill in the recruits about what is going on. Naturally, they are not thrilled about being left in the dark, but Felicities search into Prometheus's victims discovers that their names are anagrams of people from The List, whom Oliver has killed. This is the same list that Oliver used in season one. He brings out the list and the recruits are horrified to find out that he had a "kill list". Rory suggests that Prometheus is trying to communicate that Oliver is the true serial killer.

At city hall Thea is concerned with Quentin's constant absence and keeps asking him if he has been drinking. Quentin brushes her of and they plan a music festival to help bring revenue to the city. 

The recruits all take it differently, as Renee claims that they knew that Oliver had killed, but Evelyn calls Oliver a serial killer. She has a heated conversation with Oliver, as Felicity finds six other people who Prometheus could target. Each member of the team is assigned person to protect. Evelyn is watching a subway train conductor, when Prometheus arrives. They fight and she is beaten, but not before cutting Prometheus. Luckily, Oliver comes to her rescue. Afterwards the too reconcile. Oliver uses his authority as mayor, to place the six people into witness protection.

Oliver and the team reconcile, but Felicity reveals some chilling news. The throwing star had traces of multiple materials from the last four years. Prometheus has been gathering Oliver's arrows to craft weapons. This would imply that Prometheus is a member of the CCPD.

In the flashbacks, Oliver and the Bratva take their first swing at Kovar. They brake into one of his casinos, in order to blow it up. Kovar's men catch Oliver and the other agent and knock them out. Oliver wakes up tied to a chair. He is sitting before Konstantin Kovar. Kovar intimidates Oliver by casually killing the other Bratva agent. The flashbacks end with the two men face tot face.

Kovar in next week's episode

Kovar in next week's episode

This episode ends with a bit of a tease. Lance wakes up with a hang over and notices a strange cut on his arm. Upon investigation he also finds one  of Prometheus's throwing stars on his table. The episode fades with Lance pondering what this means.

This was good start to S5's next story arch. It was good and showed Prometheus as a cold and brutal killer. His silence and stillness give him a more chilling appearance. He is shown to be a great fighter and is seen to prefer throwing stars over his bow and his sword, when murdering people. The show gave a tease of Lance somehow being connected with Prometheus and though, most people don't believe he is the masked villain, he is a perfect scapegoat. Lance is still drinking and is show to find himself in drunken states. He is also the former police captain and has ties with working with Star City vigilantes. He is the perfect person for Prometheus to frame for these killings.

The recruits didn't do much in this episode. It is understandable, as the cast is pretty large right now. Which is ok, i love more characters, but i hope they kind of rotate the newbies in and out. Give a couple a couple weeks off every so often. 

The most exciting thing about this week's episode is the trailer for next week's episode. Vigilante is coming to Star City. I am not very versed in my knowledge of Vigilante. I do know who he is, but won't spoil it for people who want to wait. Form the trailer isthmus like he will act as a rival vigilante. This is something arrow hasn't done much of and will be an interesting thing to see, in the wake of Prometheus and Church's kind of rivalry.


-Are you excited for Vigilante's debut?

-Who do you think Prometheus is?

-With the crossover approaching, who would you like to see visit Star City?