#Arrow S5 Ep 10 "Who Are You?" Recap & Review

When Arrow left us in Fall with the apparent return of Laurel Lance. There were many theories as to how Laurel managed to beat death and whether it was Laurel at all. This week we were given our answer. While some of the team were overjoyed to see Laurel, Felicity was suspicious. Early on, it is revealed that Laurel is Laurel, but she is the Earth-2 version that was locked in the pipeline after Zoom invaded Central City with Earth-2 metahumans last season on The Flash. Prometheus traveled to Central City and released Black Siren to go against the team.

On top of Laurel's doppelganger, the team is facing other problems. Cutis has lost his motivation to be Mr. Terrific. Paul has left him, and he is often beaten during conflicts. During the team's conflict with Black Siren and Prometheus, Curtis creates a device that renders Black Siren's powers inert and she is captured. Renee convinces Curtis to focus on using his brain instead of his fists in order to help the team.

Black Siren is sent to Argus so that Oliver can keep a close eye on her. He also had Diggle to look to. During the mid-season finale, we see Diggle getting arrested. This week, he explains to Oliver that he wants to face the charges against him and confront General Walker. Oliver sends Adrian Chase to assist Diggle. Chase is hesitant to help Diggle but quickly discovers that he is most likely correct about General Walker and his plan to frame Diggle for his own crimes. Chase works the legal system to take custody of Diggle and is able to buy the latter time to come up with a plan. Adrian Chase really shines in this episode, showing how steadfast and haunting of a presence he can be to his opponents. This is carried over well from his alter-ego, Vigilante. 

Oliver and Felicity discuss Laurel's legacy, with her memorial statue being destroyed in the conflict with Black Siren. Oliver decides that it is time to recruit a new Black Canary. The episode ends in Hub City, with two thugs in a bar harassing a waitress. The two are thrown through a window by a mysterious woman with supersonic screams. This is most likely going to be our new Black Canary. Though many fans may be hesitant to see Laurel's mantle passed to another, it is about time team Arrow had a lasting female vigilante on the team who can actually fill Laurel's shoes. 

In the flashbacks, Oliver is captured and tortured by the Bratva boss who is allied with Kovar. Refusing to serve the traitorous boss, Oliver is about to be executed when a mysterious archer appears and saves him. The woman introduces herself as Talia and claims to have been looking for Oliver. It appears we are also going to get a version of Talia al Ghul for the Arrowverse. She is someone who has trained Oliver before the start of his crusade in Star City, but she also has connections to Prometheus. The two could very well have had the same teacher.


-What do you think of the team recruiting a new Black Canary?

-Which DC character would you like to see appear on Arrow?

-Do you think Diggle and Chase will team up as Vigilante and Spartan?