#Arrow S5 Ep 11 "Second Chances" Recap & Review

This week on Arrow, the team seeks to recruit a new Black Canary. The team suggests a list of various special forces soldiers, agents, and other specialists, but Oliver turns them all down. Figuring Oliver is looking for something different, Curtis suggests a mystery woman that he heard about. She is a skilled fighter and has a canary cry. Oliver agrees to take Curtis and Renee to Hub City to investigate. 

It turns out that this woman is an ex-CCPD detective named Tina Boland, who is hunting the drug dealer who murdered her partner and lover on the night of the Star Labs explosion. She gained her powers that night, three years ago. Since then, she has been hunting Sean Sonus to get her revenge.

Oliver and Adrian meet with Diggle to discuss his case. Adrian revealed that the government was investigating General Walker, but his friends killed the case. Oliver asks Felicity and Rory with finding the files, while he and rest of the team go to Hub City to recruit Tina Boland. They find Tina, but see refuses their offer and orders them to leave her alone. After a couple other encounters, Oliver convinces Tina to allow them to help her take down Sonus. Oliver, Curtis, and Renee help Tina take down Sonus, but she precedes to execute the drug dealer despite Oliver's pleading and leaves. 

Back in Star City, Felicity and Rory are having trouble finding the file they need to exonerate Diggle. But Felicity gets a message in the deep web and meets with a hacktivist who remembers her from when she was also a hacktivist with Brother Eye in college. After geeking out from meeting her hero, the girl gives Felicity the information she needs along with other dark secrets. She says she is part of an organization called Helix and urges Felicity to return to her old ways.

With the information given to Felicity, Diggle is able to be released on bail and see his family. At the mayor's office, Oliver is visited by Tina, who had time to think and asks to join Oliver's team. Upon accepting, Oliver learns that Tina Boland was an alias for when she was undercover. Her real name is Dinah Drake. 


In the flashbacks, Talia helps Oliver take down the man who provides Kovar with his primary income. After completing this task, she begins to train Oliver and urges him to take on a dual identity: one to be Oliver Queen and the other to be the monster that Oliver believes he has become. She returns Yao Fei's hood to Oliver, claiming he was one of her students. We are given a closing shot of Oliver in his S1 outfit and gear. 

 Talia begins Oliver's training

Talia begins Oliver's training

This was a  good episode. Around this point in S3 and S4, the episodes start to defend into less than grand material, but so far S5 has been able to sustain itself. This is really good news. Many were opposed to the idea of having a new Black Canary to replace Laurel. But, the twist at the end of the episode showed that the show runners are planning things out in a way that pleases both comic fans and those who only know the show. Dinah Drake was the original Black Canry in the comics and her portrayal in this episode shows that she has the attitude and the skill (and the powers) to pick up the Black Canary mantle. Adrian has had a good couple episodes, showing strength and relevance, despite his secondary character status. I hope wee will be seeing more and more of him this season. 


-How do you like Dinah Drake?

-Will Diggle return to the team?

-Who will Prometheus target next?