#Arrow S5 Ep 12 "Bratva" Recap & Review

This week on Arrow, the team travels to Russia in order to prevent General Walker from selling a nuclear device. Upon arrival, Oliver is greeted by Anatoly. Oliver's Bratva brother is not happy to see the team, however. Anatoly recalls when Oliver used the Bratva to help him in S2, which led to a fellow Bratva member's death. Without the help of the Bratva, the team has to find a way to locate Walker and his men.

Back in Star City, Lance returns from rehab and resumes his position as deputy mayor. Worried about Lance, Oliver leaves Renee behind to keep an eye on the recovered alcoholic. The two have a rocky start, neither one wanting to be where they are, but with an impending interview with Susan Williams, Renee is not sure Lance can keep his composure.

Over in Russia, the team comes up with no usable intel. Oliver caves and asks Anatoly for help. He and Dinah go a rough up some men in exchange for the information. Felicity uses there Helix database to find and blackmail a business man. The team is able to find Walker but, after a firefight, Walker escapes. Diggle tries to torture a man they capture for information. With the three original members of the team getting closer and closer to darkness, Oliver meets with Felicity and Diggle for an intervention. 

Back at Star City, Renee tries to prepare Lance for his interview, but when Laurel's death is brought up, Lance storms out. He eventually returns and reconciles with Renee, and they get back to work. Later on in the Arrow cave, Renee is working out when Lance visits. He reports that the interview went well and thanked Renee, in his own way. Renee tells Lance that years ago, he was spray painting a building in his community. Lance was a beat cop then and stopped him. Instead of arresting Renee, Lance just told him he could be better. Lance is encouraged by Renee's recollection of the encounter leaves Renee to his workout. 

Back in Russia, the Bratva and team Arrow go after Walker. They manage to defeat Walker's men and the terrorists they were going to sell the bomb too. Diggle confront's Walker who tells Diggle to shot him. Diggle refuses and captures the general instead. Felicity and Rory find the nuke in a warehouse but accidentally activate it. Rory tells Felicity to run and begins to wrap his rags around it. Felicity manages to escape the warehouse and meet up with Oliver just in time for the bomb to detonate. They run into the warehouse to find Rory alive but a little battered.

With Walker in the custody of the US government, the team returns to Star City. Felicity visits Rory, who tells her that something is wrong with his rags. Rory leaves to try and learn more about his suit and whether they can be repaired. Oliver shares a night with Susan Williams, and he tells her what's on his mind, similar to their encounter during the mid-season finale. The episode ends with Susan meeting with a contact of hers who followed Oliver to Russia. The episode ends with Susan, apparently connecting Oliver to the Green Arrow.

Int he flashbacks Talia trains Oliver and starts him on the path he takes throughout the first season of the show. She takes him to a man whose name is on the list and helps Oliver kill him. Oliver visits Anatoly, who has been attacked by Gregor. Oliver decides that before he takes down Kovar, Gregor must die.

This was a good episode. It finished off Diggle and General Walker's story arc and provided more backstory for how Oliver ended up a Vigilante in S1. The best scene was when Rory covered the nuke and took the explosion. It is a real drag that he will be off the show for the foreseeable future, but it was a good episode for him. It was really cool to see Lance and Renee interact, being opposites in most ways. With next week's episode focusing on Renee's backstory, I hope to see this band expand and a friendship develops between the two. Though we don't get much more for the main storyline of the season, more seeds are planted, and side plots wrapped up for this week. I would rate this episode a 8.


-Do you think Susan Williams is bad or good?

-Will Rory return?

-Who is Prometheus's next target?