#Arrow S5 Ep 14 "The Sin-Eater" Recap & Review

This week's episode of Arrow features the return of the villains from past seasons. Carter, China White, and Cupid have all escaped a prison transport and have returned to Star City to recover the money Tobias Church hid before his death at the ads of Prometheus. Though the return of these characters proves a hinderance to the team, their real problems come after Oliver visits Prometheus's mother, provoking the archer to send evidence to SCPD that proves that the Green Arrow killed Detective Billy Malone. 

Susan Williams has her suspicions that Oliver is the Green Arrow confronts him. Oliver dismisses the idea of him being the Vigilante and to halt her investigation, Thea and Felicity hack her computer and plant fake evidence that gets Susan fired from her job. Susan blames Oliver, being fired right after asking him about being the Green Arrow.

Felicity manages to locate the escaped trio of villains, but when the team goes to confront them, the ACU arrives and attempts to arrest the Green Arrow. Oliver, Lance and Adrian visit with captain Pike to get answers. Pike explains that he got a autopsy report sent to him, proving that the Green Arrow was the one who killed Billy Malone. Oliver and Lance try to convince Pike to call off the AC, but he refuses.

Later on Oliver meets with Pike again and explains what really happened with Billy, claiming that the Green Arrow came to him with the information. He asks Pike once more to call of the ACU.

The team figures out where Church's money is and confront the trio of escapees at a cemetery. After a brief fight, the ACU arrives and helps Oliver and the team capture Cupid, Carter, and China White. Pike and Green Arrow reconcile and the team goes home. Later on, at City Hall, Chase rushes to meet with Oliver about something important. Before he can explain, a news report airs, revealing that Oliver and Adrian covered up the circumstances of Billy Malone's death. Oliver worries that his administration could be over and the episode ends.

In the flashbacks, Oliver and Anatoly suspect that Gregor and his men will come after them and try to escape the hospital where Anatoly is. Gregor's men ambushes and corners them before they can make their escape. After offering an ultimatum a fire fight ensures, which ends in Gregor holding a gun to Anatoly's head. 

Throughout watching this episode, I had trouble seeing its relevance in the overall story of the season. The only tension in this episode was all created by prometheus, who continues to harass Oliver and the team from behind the scenes. This made the actions of the three female villains highly irrelevant. 

Speaking of the villains, though it was good to see Cupid and China White again, they didn't play any important role in the episode, other than being an annoyance to the team. The means of their escape wasn't very believable. Considering Cupid and China White are known, dangerous individuals, it makes not sense at all to have them transported together on a low security transport. These previously fun villains were reduced to minor plot devices for their return to Arrow, which is disappointing. 

The second big disappointment, is the continued absence of Prometheus. Though it was nice to have him gone for a couple episodes after the finale, it is starting to get annoying to have him pull strings without a single appearance and only theories as to what he is up to and why he has turned his sight's away from Oliver's team, whom Evelyn helped him target earlier this year. Speaking of Evelyn, she also hasn't been seen since the mid-season finale and there is no hint as to whether or not she is still working with Prometheus or simply has left the mask behind and moved on with her life. 

This is the first episode in S5 that i didn't really care for. Though having thirteen consistently enjoyable episodes is something Arrow has't achieved in a couple years, it is still disappointing. They have the cast and the characters to make fantastic episodes this season and yet they reduce guest stars to weak plot devices or walk on roles that serve no purpose. It is my hope that next week's episode with be an improvement. My hopes are high, considering that Vigilante will finally return and cause trouble for the team again.


-Who was your favorite villain this episode?

-Do you think Prometheus is working with his mother?

-Do you think Thea is slowly becoming Moira?