#Arrow S5 Ep 16 "Checkmate" Recap & Review

Everything comes to light on this week's Arrow. Both team Arrow and Prometheus are aware of each other's identities. However, without evidence, the team is forced to keep working alongside Chase. Oliver manages to track down Talia who reveals to Oliver that she trained Prometheus because she felt sympathy for him, considering Oliver has killed both of their fathers. Talia tells Oliver that she helped Prometheus and that she hope he gets to Oliver.

When Oliver gets back to Star City he learns that Chase has abducted Susan Williams, the team goes on the offensive. With the Green Arrow being hunted like a criminal by the ACU, Oliver is in a rough spot. Chase continues to toy with Oliver and the rest of the team, while Felicity travels to Helix to get the information she needs to find Susan. But, Helix doesn't give the information for free, and Felicity has to do some shady hacking in return. 

She finds Susan's location and the team go after her. Tired of Chase being ten steps ahead, Oliver has Diggle bring a secret weapon. When Chase is confronted, Diggle brings in his wife, who is horrified by what her husband is. Chase embraces his wife, angry with Diggle for bringing her, and stabs her to death. Oliver attacks Chase and the two fight it out. The rest of the team take Chase's wife and leaves to let Oliver face his rival. The battle is going Oliver's way, but Talia appears and tranquilizes the hero. 

The episode ends with Talia and Chase taunting Oliver, who is locked up. Talia wants Oliver to suffer, which is what Chase plans to do. With Oliver captured the rest of the team is stuck in a corner with no foreseeable way out.

In the flashbacks, Oliver and Anatoly crackdown Gregor. Oliver reveals his darker self to Anatoly. The two attack the hockey arena where Gregor is located. A large firefight ensues. Oliver and Anatoly emerge victorious when Oliver kills Gregor, ending his plot against the Bratva.

This episode felt like both a part-two and a part-one. It concluded the events of the previous episode, both in the flashbacks and the present. It also began another story thread that will continue this week. Adrian shows his true colors in this episode. HE came off as a man out for revenge up to this point. He did terrible things to remind Oliver about how terrible he used to be. But, once Chase calmly murdered his own wife, he crossed over into a place where he won't be returning from. The season will conclude with Chase being killed or lock up, but he is at the point where he can't be redeemed. 

Talia crosses over into the present storyline in this episode. She is revealed to be allied with Prometheus. Thankfully, it wasn't the kind of reveal where Prometheus is Talia's enforcer. Prometheus's crusade against Oliver is his own, but Talia sympathizes with him and helps him take down Oliver. With Oliver in Chase's custody, we are sure to get the rest of the villains story, starting next week.

Overall Rating: 8.5


-Will Oliver spare Prometheus, not wanting to prove him right?

-Who else will end up helping Prometheus get revenge?

-Will we see Oliver receive help form old allies? (Arsenal, Ragman, Vixen, Constantine, Speedy)