#Arrow S5 Ep 17 "Kapiushon" Recap & Review

In this week's episode of Arrow, the Bratva flashback's come to a head. Having killed Gregor and allowing Anatoly to take his place, Oliver wants to take out Kovar. Anatoly is skeptical, but meets with Kovar to discuss the deal he had with Gregor. Oliver visit's the mother of Taiana (from S4 flashbacks) and asks for her help against Kovar.

Oliver and Anatoly found out that Kovar was having a party at his casino for Russian leaders. Kovar plans to use Sarin gas to kill all of the government leaders and take over. Oliver and the Bratva go and try to stop cover but they are betrayed by the Bratva captain Viktor. Oliver discovers that Kovar had killed Taiana's mother and goes on a killing spree of Kovar's men. Kovar unleashes the gas, which kills several people including Viktor, but Oliver manages to stop it. He and Kovar fight and Oliver manages to defeat him. Anatoly expresses to Oliver his concern about Oliver's dark behavior and that Kovar will face justice. Oliver ignores his friend and kills Kovar.

In the present, Adrian is holding Oliver captive and refuses to release him until he tells Adrian a secret. Oliver insists that he doesn't know what Adrian is taking about. Adrian continues to torture Oliver and mock him with pictures of his victims. When Oliver insists that he doesn't know what Adrian wants, the villain brings in a battered looking Evelyn. He gives Oliver and Evelyn an ultimatum, kill the other and be released. Oliver tries to talk Evelyn down but she claims that she can't spend anymore time there and attacks Oliver with a knife. Oliver manages to disarm her which enrages Adrian. He gives Oliver one last chance to confess his secret. When Oliver refuses he snaps Evelyn's neck.

After a prolonged conversation, Adrian finally gets Oliver to snap. He creams at Adrian that he killed because he liked to. Adrian smiles in satisfaction and Evelyn stands up, revealing to still be working with Adrian against Oliver. She boasted that she knew Oliver would break and leaves him with Adrian. Later on, Oliver wakes up having been released and given back his stuff. Back at the Arrowcave, the team is frantically looking for Oliver. But they are surprised to find him, walk into the cave. They ask him if he is ok and he says "no". The episode ends with Oliver ordering the team to stand down and that saying that he is giving up. 

This was a great episode. though most of it was loaned to completing the Kovar story-arc in the flashbacks. The flashback story was good and the last few episodes of the season will hopefully be used to explain why Oliver went back to the island. The present storyline is great. Adrian and Oliver are two sides of the same coin. While Oliver is trying to resist his darker side, Adrian has embraced his. We also see another one of Adrian's allies who is still in play. Evelyn had a cool role in the episode. She was a convincing victim of Adrian So when she got back up after having her neck "broken", it was a surprise for me. The physiological damage that Adrian is inflicting on Oliver is intense. It's really cool to have a villain, who is very much Oliver's equal in battle, be so physiologically effective against Oliver.

I am really excited to see where they go with the rest of this season.

Overal Rating: 8:5


-Who else could Adrian Chase have on his team?

-Will past heroes return?

-What is the deal with Helix?