#Arrow S5 Ep 18 "Disbanded" Recap & Review

This week on Arrow, Oliver disbands the team and bars them from the Arrowcave. Oliver contacts Anatoly and the Bratva to help him with Prometheus. Oliver wants them to kill Adrian Chase, but the Brava will only do so if Oliver lets them begin to operate in Star City again. Oliver agrees, willing to do whatever it takes to stop Chase. The team finds out and plans to work against the Bratva and Oliver. Without access to the Arrowcave, they turn to Lyla who supplies them with some Argus gear. 

They confront the Bratva, who are stealing diabetes medicine, and manage to hinder the organizations efforts. Oliver finds out and visits Diggle to confront him. Diggle tells Oliver that he doesn't need to fight alone and he only needs to ask for help and the team will help him. Oliver leaves and ponders Diggle's words. 

Meanwhile Felicity spends more time with Helix, having stumbled upon a pixilated video of Prometheus taking off his mask. She ventures out to get a device needed to uncover the proof of Prometheus's identity. Oliver learns that Chase is put into witness protection, shielding him from the teams reach. He decides to rejoin the team to go after Prometheus. But first, they move to stop Anatoly and the Bratva from reestablishing a hold on Star City. The Bratva took hostages to try and stop the team. But the team manages to rescue the hostages and defeat the Bratva. Afterwards Oliver and Anatoly talk about what went wrong in their lives. Anatoly tells Oliver that he has become the very thing that he feared he would. He leaves Star City leaving Prometheus as the main threat. Felicity and Curtis manage to acquire the device they need to prove that Chase is Prometheus. They send the information to SCPD. The information gets to the marshals holding Chase, but he quickly kills them and escapes as the episode ends. 

In the flashbacks, Oliver tells Anatoly that he plans to return to Lian Yu. Anatoly is fearful of Olivers departure, not for Oliver's sake but his own. He convinces Oliver to accompany him on one final mission. They steel medicine for sick children who aren't being provided for. Anatoly hopes this will convince Oliver to stay. But Oliver is adamant to return to Lian Yu, so his rescue and return to Starling City will be more convincing.

This episode has potential to be a disaster. With Oliver disbanding the team and once again believing that he knows best and that his team must submit to his wishes, we were rapidly approaching familiar ground with the plot. But the episode did a good job in having the team get through to Oliver and have him see that his original plan to beat Prometheus is what is best. We see Anatoly and Oliver clash a few times. This conflict has seeds planted in Russia five years before. This episode did a good job in tying the flashbacks and the present together to tell one story. It was sad to see Anatoly brought so low, especially because he was worried that he would if Oliver left in the flashbacks. Seeing that his fears became reality added gravity to Oliver's choice to leave his friend in charge of a criminal organization.

Chase's character was, once again, shown to be more than a match for Oliver and the team. In this episode, we see more of his intelligence and skill. But what's new, we see his savagery. In the final scene when he kills the marshals and drives of, whistling to the radio, we see just how unhinged he really is. It will be interesting to see where he is off to and what he plans to do next. 

Overall Rating: 9.0


-With Chase being outed as Prometheus, how will he go after Oliver and the team next?

-Once Helix proves to be more of a liability than an asset, do you think Felicity will side with them?

-Chase is shown to have allies (Talia and Evelyn), who will Oliver recruit to even the odds?