#Arrow S5 Ep 19 "Dangerous Liaisons Recap & Review

This week, on Arrow, the team is working with Argus, trying to find clues as to the location of Adrian Chase, a.k.a. Prometheus. When all the leads go cold, Felicity decides to go to Helix for help. The team is not supportive of Felicity's relationship with he group and is even morse so when she returns with an ultimatum. Argus is holding Helix's leader, Cayden James, at an illegal black site and they want to trade information on Prometheus for him. Lyla refuses to cooperate, claiming James is too dangerous to be let free, even more so that Felicity gave Helix access to Argus. 

Oliver and the team refuse to side with Felicity, which prompts her to leave and attack Argus with Helix. Oliver and the team go and assist Argus against the assault, but soon find out that they had been tricked by both sides. Lyla had James at a separate facility Thant he one they were at and Helix knew about it. They team chases confronts Helix, but they get away.  


Later on, Felicity returns to Helix to find it empty. She gets a message from Alena (Felicity's Helix contact) saying that James wanted Felicity out cause of her connection with the Green Arrow. Felicity is left with a drive that, according to Alena, has the program they need to find Adrain Chase. Felicity returns to the Arrow cave to find Oliver waiting for her. She says what she did was worth it and plugs the drive into the computer. Obviously, it was a ruse and the drive puts Chase in the Arrow cave and explodes in Oliver and Felicity's faces. An EMP blacks wipes out the power, trapping the two there and the episodes concludes

This episode was pretty good. It was hard to watch, knowing that Felicity was in the wrong. It was no surprise that she was betrayed by Helix. It was inevitable to have an episode set aside to deal with Felicity's allegiance to Helix, but this felt flat. It was predictable and made it easy to get annoyed with Felicity's decision making. Despite the main story falling short, the episode did have some good subplots. It was good to learn more about Renee and his daughter. He has and increasingly tragic backstory. He and Lance are bonding more, which is an iterating paring considering how opposite they are of each other. Having Lance bring Zoey to meet Renee was an emotional moment for Renee's character and gives the fans more to root for. 

Considering we never see Helix's founder's face, he and his group are most likely going to be against the team at some point in the future. As a whole the episode was ok and from the looks of the trailer for next week. we will have to wait a couple weeks to get back to Prometheus.

Overall Rating: 7.0


-How did you like the episode?

-Was anyone really surprised about what happened?

-Do you think Renee will get his daughter back?